PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) – Portland Public Schools voted on Tuesday evening to approve an agreement with its teachers on what policies will be in place this school year when it comes to COVID-19.

The vote by the teachers also concluded on Tuesday night and they approved the policies as well.

School administrators are required to exclude staff and students if they believe they were exposed to COVID-19.

PPS will follow the rules when it comes to the statewide and Multnomah County mask mandate. There will be protocol in place for teachers, without losing pay, to self-isolate if there are school based outbreaks or if they feel sick.

PPS and teachers union approves COVID-19 policies

Image: KPTV

The district will also have a safety committee at each school, which will follow a safety checklist.

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(5) comments


I feel horrible for kids stuck in PPS. They deserve a quality education where they can actually breathe. These Unions and OHA are failing young people in Oregon. All teachers and supervisors were threatened with having their Licenses removed and massive fines if they did not comply. Parents needed to stand up against these Unions and Ludicrous policies and make it clear that They care about their childs education. That is what other counties did. You don't even need to have a kid in school. If your paying property tax, Stand up against this mess.


I miss the days when teachers cared about the students and not their politics and their pocketbooks.


If teachers spent more time on teaching, instead of politics, than our schools wouldn't suck so bad.


Worthless teachers.

Facts Matter

Of course they did, they are the minions of their political masters.

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