PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) -- On Wednesday Portland Public Schools launched its distance learning for students.

FOX 12 spoke with a parent of a first grader at Bridger School about what the first day was like for online learning.

Miranda McDonough-Siquina says it was hectic.

She says it was difficult to help her son with the technology.

She said it was also tough because she has more than one child and has to juggle helping her son with online learning and keeping attention on her younger child as well.

McDonough-Siquina says it seemed difficult for a number of parents because there was a lot of background noise.

She's wondering how well things will go for the rest of the year with this online structure of learning.

"The teacher she wasn't really like trying to stop any of that I felt and that was a little frustrating just cause' you know that's out of my control there's nothing I can do about other people's background noises on the online virtual," McDonough-Siquina said. "When they're overpowering what the teacher's saying that then impacts my son's education because he now can't sit there and listen to what's being said."

On PPS' Twitter page it has a link to a resource to help in managing distancing learning.

Here's that resource: https://www.pps.net/familyresources

Its Twitter page also shows posts and videos from its superintendent and others welcoming students and their families.

There are also posts about the hard work from teachers in getting this new type of learning ready for the school year.

McDonough-Siquina says right now she only knows the next two weeks of curriculum and she feels like there are a lot of unanswered questions.

FOX 12 asked PPS if that's typical for parents to have just two weeks of curriculum, but has not heard back from district.

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The teacher's union just PROVED that we don't need teachers.

We only need two or three, per grade, per subject to create a video... ALL other teachers should be let go, they can find other jobs in other areas.

Nicely done teachers, you have proved yourselves extinct.

Defund the schools, they no longer need the land, buildings, staff or PERS.


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