PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - After hitting a snag last week, Portland Public Schools resumed handing out Chromebooks for students to use for distance learning on Monday morning.

Last week, some parents waited in line for hours to pick up Chromebooks. District staff spent the weekend collecting and sanitizing more of the laptops from school classrooms.

Chromebooks were handed out at PPS Headquarters, Jefferson High School, Roosevelt High School, and Franklin High School.

District staff wearing masks were running from car to car - signing in parents and passing them a Chromebook, trying to keep the long line moving.

A grandmother told FOX 12 that this was her second attempt at picking one up for her granddaughter.

"Oh it was a madhouse last week. We didn't even try - it was like two miles of cars," she said.

PPS Chromebook Distribution

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Lines flowed more smoothly on Monday, with parents reporting less than half-an-hour's wait during the morning rush in some locations.

"I picked it up for my youngest daughter," Eric Gunderson said. "I just came up to the line here, there was about 12 people in front of me."

On Monday, parents of students whose last names began with the letters "A" through "M" were asked to pick up Chromebooks.

"I went really well. It was easy - half an hour," one grandparent told FOX 12.

On Tuesday, parents of students whose last names begin with the letters "N" through "Z" can pick up theirs. Anyone who still doesn't have a Chromebook can pick one up Wednesday through Friday.

According to a spokesperson for PPS, students in grades K-8 will not be graded on their distance learning. Teachers will work with students to determine their progress.

The district is still waiting for guidance for grades 9-11.

A PPS spokesperson says the district's home-based distance learning offers both online and off-line options.

Gov. Kate Brown announced recently that all high school seniors who were on track to graduate before schools closed will receive a passing grade.

For more information on where to get a Chromebook if you're a PPS student, visit www.pps.net.

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This is proving that most of our teachers are worthless and not needed. A machine can replace them and save the taxpayers a bundle. Unfortunately, too many voters are brain dead and fall for the teacher's brainwashing. Enough is enough.


Who is paying for these expensive chrome books, some that the district will never see again? Wish pawnshops participated by refusing to buy any chrome books.

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