PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Cyber Monday shopping may be over, but the hustle and bustle is just beginning at the post office.

Mail carrier Billy Brink, who has worked for the United States Postal Service since 1980, says the days of Christmas cards are slowing down, while the number of packages going through the the post office is at an all-time high.

“This is, obviously, a challenging time of year because of the holiday season,” Brink said. “It seems that nobody goes to the malls anymore. It’s all done through the Internet, and that’s good for us, but it’s also…quite the challenge, as well.”

USPS projects more than 800 million packages will be delivered Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. But when package deliveries ramp up, so do porch pirates.

“It’s hard times, and people take advantage," Brink said. "And if [a package has] been sitting there for hours, getting stale on somebody’s porch, it’s probably kind of tempting for people of opportunity."

Brink takes extra steps to make sure his customers aren’t easy targets by hiding the packages he drops off. Because, in the end, he wants to make sure all the presents make it under the tree.

USPS suggests six ways to protect mail and packages:

  • Don’t leave delivered mail and packages unattended.
  • Hold mail at a local post office by taking advantage of the Request Hold Mail service.
  • Ship using the Hold for Pickup option.
  • Sign up for Informed Delivery to see what packages are en route.
  • Customize the delivery by providing delivery instructions online.
  • Secure the shipment using USPS Special Services like Signature Confirmation or the Registered Mail service, which documents the chain of custody.

Visit usps.com for more information.

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Join the cat litter brigade! Fill up your empty amazon or other boxes that have been delivered, with dirty cat litter, and leave them on your front porch for the robbers.


A regular metal pickup tool box works wonders. Bolt to cement. Pad lock when delivered. Pretty hard to pry open. Live way back in Timber. UPS goes in and locks my stuff in. Neibors know when gone. Nothing stolen. Few scratches where tried to pry it open. Had several Cameras and they would keep breaking them. Police did nothing!

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