PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Protesters blocked traffic on Interstate 5 near the Interstate Bridge on Friday, marching from Washington into Oregon and then back into Washington.

The crowd of marchers at one point blocked all lanes of southbound traffic after marching from Esther Short Park in Vancouver, stopping drivers in the area from heading across the border. The group continued to march into Oregon near Jantzen Beach after pausing to listen to speakers on the bridge, then marched back across the bridge.

The group moved onto I-5 after an event in downtown Vancouver, according to troopers, who estimated the group to include several hundred people, as well as several vehicles carrying supplies.

Southbound traffic was temporarily diverted to State Route 14 westbound.

Drivers in the area were asked to delay travel or use an alternate route, including Interstate 205. Law enforcement did not provided an estimated time of reopening for I-5, but said it would be closed for an extended period of time.

Vancouver police also reported heavy traffic in downtown there into late Friday evening.

March organizers earlier in the day said the message of the gathering is love. Participants before marching on the bridge spent time at the park eating, listening to music, and participating in family-friendly events.

Organizers once protesters moved into Oregon began to hand out snacks and water to people. They said they want their voices heard that black lives matter, with many marchers chanting about George Floyd and holding up signs encouraging people to stand up to racism.

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(16) comments

Eliza Cassan

No one is suddenly going to become less racist because of this. There will always be some racists out there, no matter how many bridges they block or arsons they start. This is just a bunch of morons feeling like they are getting away with something, doing something bad and getting away with it, like a kid taking cookies.


Book 'em all. And the idiots without masks (yeah the potential murderers) whip 'em and send them to State Street, Salem

Sun Tzu

'Protesters block traffic on I-5, march on Interstate Bridge from downtown Vancouver' Now they are interfering with interstate commerce. Now it is time for the feds to put an end to this BS.


Yep. Interfering with interstate commerce gives the federal government the absolute right to step in and put a stop to this.


You said that right !!!! And isn]t it odd that city officials are allowing their Cities to be destroyed, by rioters that used a civil rights platform to push their agenda ahead calling it BLM !!! The CANCEL CULTURE neesd to be CANCELED NOW !!!!iF

Husky Loyalist

This anarchy is just going to escalate until the weak politicians finally grow a pair and stop it. This is a direct threat on civilization. Your children and grandchildren's future is at stake.


Our dear leader should have had a bridge lift. That way no one could cross. Fair is Fair...


Wait ... Racism is bad? Wow. Thanks "protesters" - you are really opening minds out here. Yeah, I'm kidding. Hollow, redundant, melodramatic gestures. 99% of people are already against racism. Your lawlessness, violence, and vandalism betray your ignorance and emotional immaturity. When intelligent, responsible, civil people have an issue with a policy or institution, they work together, peaceably, toward a resolution - they don't damage public and private property, and violate other people's rights. You can earn our respect and attention, or our derision and dismissal.


It takes two people to have a conversation. And they do not want to hear your part of that conversation on anything, period! These are individuals who will push their false narrative to the point of destruction and violence. Seeing is believing. The news is full of such wanton acts of violence and destruction to people and private businesses. You do not try to reason with a mad man. If you do, one of you is going to die at the end of that failed conversation. We cannot stand by and let this continue. To do so, will be the end of a great experiment called the United States of America. The only way, and I mean the "only" way to stop this, is with brute force by law enforcement and National Guard. No quarter must be given. Like President General Antonio López de Santa Anna in the battle of the Alamo. You offer surrender for one hour, and then you crush them. Talking only promotes the view of weakness. And they definitely know your weakness. Their weapon, your white guilty conscious. Just look at every time authority buckled to their demands. They were rewarded with more wanton destruction and more demands.

Delta Bravo

Open the bridge. Keep them marching.


And increase the speed limit.


Juneteenth? Never heard of it.


Everyone has the right to protest, as long as they do not violate the rights of others to travel or conduct business.


This went too far the moment they stepped on the bridge, and as you say, violated the rights of others to travel unencumbered. (Yikes! I’m starting to sound like a sovereign citizen!)


From the picture, looks like the number of attendees is starting to decrease significantly.


Sooner or later, someone is going to 'lose it' and that will spark a whole 'nuther dimension to this nonsense.

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