PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A large group of protesters gathered in downtown Portland Monday evening to support the Black Lives Matter movement but also send a message to federal officers to leave the city.

The protesters gathered outside the Justice Center and federal courthouse building. Speakers led the crowd in chants and shared personal stories, expressing their gratitude for everyone who came out. 

Protesters projected a message onto the Justice Center that read “Fed goons out of PDX” and were squeaking toy rubber pigs.

Sunday night, protesters knocked down the fence in front of the federal courthouse. Federal officers were then seen coming out of the building and deploying tear gas.

No fence or barrier was seen outside the federal courthouse Monday night.

At Monday night’s protest were local moms in yellow shirts. They’ve become famous since Sunday night, dubbed the “Wall of Moms.”

Video from Sunday night shows the group of moms lined up in front of protesters and between the rest of the crowd and the federal courthouse where the federal officers were.

Monday night, dads were out in orange shirts. They said it was their turn to take a stand.

Some of them even have leaf blowers with them, and they say that’s to blow the tear gas away.

FOX 12 spoke with a man who says he’s proud of what the moms did last night and wants to send a clear message that federal officers aren’t wanted here, that their actions aren’t OK and mostly he says he wants to show that Black lives matter.

“I’ve just had enough. When they started snatching people of the street, it becomes apparent that the federal government is just is not in check,” said protester King Turner. “It was even tampering down and then the feds get involved and lit it up. It’s like throwing gas on a fire… They’re flashing banging moms. Your mom, my mom, grandmas… it’s too much. Done. Enough.”

The group started marching on Madison around 10:30 p.m. It’s unclear where exactly they were headed, possibly to see the murals such as the one at the Apple store, then to Pioneer Courthouse Square, and back to the area of the Justice Center and federal courthouse.

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(17) comments

Roberto Estrello Demar

"Moms" like this are why Grampa changes his Will.

No Place Like Home

Moms like these are why their precious adult children will live with mommy until she kicks the bucket and they blow through their inheritance, then go on public assistance for the rest of their lives because no one taught them how to work at anything besides being troublemakers!


Portland and the local gov't are being put in the national spotlight, the real news is getting out and it's not a good look.


Have you seen a photo/video of mayor pookie lately? He is clean shaven, with a fresh haircut, and wearing a conservative blue suit. pookie want's to look responsible and he is for the rioting 54+ nights in a row.


(a)In General.—

To the extent provided for by transfers made pursuant to the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the Secretary of Homeland Security (in this section referred to as the “Secretary”) shall protect the buildings, grounds, and property that are owned, occupied, or secured by the Federal Government (including any agency, instrumentality, or wholly owned or mixed-ownership corporation thereof) and the persons on the property.

(b)Officers and Agents.—


The Secretary may designate employees of the Department of Homeland Security, including employees transferred to the Department from the Office of the Federal Protective Service of the General Services Administration pursuant to the Homeland Security Act of 2002, as officers and agents for duty in connection with the protection of property owned or occupied by the Federal Government and persons on the property, including duty in areas outside the property to the extent necessary to protect the property and persons on the property.

(2)Powers.—While engaged in the performance of official duties, an officer or agent designated under this subsection may—

(A)enforce Federal laws and regulations for the protection of persons and property;

(B)carry firearms;

(C)make arrests without a warrant for any offense against the United States committed in the presence of the officer or agent or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if the officer or agent has reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing a felony;

(D)serve warrants and subpoenas issued under the authority of the United States;

(E)conduct investigations, on and off the property in question, of offenses that may have been committed against property owned or occupied by the Federal Government or persons on the property; and

(F)carry out such other activities for the promotion of homeland security as the Secretary may prescribe.

40 U.S. Code § 1315.Law enforcement authority of Secretary of Homeland Security for protection of public property


Mass extermination and mass graves. I’ll donate my backhoe.


Boy, these are moms to brag about. They support rioting, burning and murdering, but condemn those that are trying to prevent it. May they all rot in he..


Looking at how close people are in the video, it seems all these lockdown rules are meaningless. I mean, if all we have to do is wear a mask then I see no reason based on the video why everything is still under all these strict rules. There also has been zero talk about cases related to the rioting.


cant wait to see school buses packed full of these goons being shipped off the con college


When you only interview people at a protest naturally the vast majority are appose to police enforcing the law when it turns into a riot. The fed's are doing the job that mayor/police commissioner pookie will not let Portland police do.

Husky Loyalist

Isn't it ironic that these wonderful "moms" see no problem with the destruction of their city and federal buildings but support BLM whose stated goal in their Principles is to destroy the family unit and eliminate "fathers" and have the BLM village raise these mom's children and the unit would be a mother and a "parent" which is a transgender but under the authority of the BLM "village". Portland - ignorance on display.




Stop tearing stuff up and they will leave. How many Feds are there. I will send them Pizza and I nice card.

pb sir

Wonder if the "wall of moms" got gassed again last night? If you really want the Feds to go home, then stop tearing the plywood off the courthouse... seems simple to me.


One "protesting" mom is wearing a Stoel Rives t-shirt - a LAW firm, that clearly employs individuals who do NOT support law and order. Oh, the irony! Let them know how you feel about their hypocrisy and condoning violence!!


I literally guffawed out loud to the "wall of moms." Sheeple am I right? Honestly, how can a cause thats like: "Oh, NO! Tear GAS! Woman and CHILDREN FIRST! OMG, that's a great idea! We can use them as meat shields!" be that bad? Just hide behind them as the tear gas comes in.... mom's spite not only quantifies as 409, but.... they can stop gas! The only bad part is you have to chain them together in parallel or it won't work for AOE attacks. Yet, I guess the wall of moms is okay with criminal trespassing. Defending acts of terror and the threat of violence for political gain. Now as to the "fed goons go home people." All I have to say is: "Blabbering blatherskites! Shut your giggle mugs before I slap you in the sauce box with that kind of poppycock!"


Moms? I thought they were the offensive line for the Seattle Seahawks. And, when your MOM has to show up and fight your battles for you, your "cause" just became a joke...and, so did all of YOU!

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