PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Protesters overturned statues of former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in Portland on Sunday night in a declaration of “rage” toward Columbus Day.

Protest organizers dubbed the event "Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage,” in response to Monday's federal holiday named after 15th-century Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, a polarizing figure who Native American advocates have said spurred centuries of genocide against indigenous populations in the Americas.

The group threw chains around Roosevelt's statue, officially titled “Theodore Roosevelt, Rough Rider," which is located in the South Park blocks. They threw red paint on the monument and began using a blowtorch on the statue's base, news outlets reported.

Police said the crowd used a vehicle to topple the statue just before 9 p.m.

The group later turned their attention toward Lincoln’s statue, pulling it down about eight minutes later.

Historians have said Roosevelt expressed hostility toward Native Americans, once saying: “I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of every 10 are.”

Protesters spray-painted “Dakota 38” on the base of Lincoln's statue, referencing the 38 Dakota men Lincoln approved to have hanged after the men were involved in a violent conflict with white settlers in Minnesota.

After toppling the statues, the crowd began smashing windows at the Oregon Historical Society and later moved onto the Portland State University Campus Public Safety office.

Police said at least three lit flares were thrown into the structure in an apparent attempt to start fires. The flares went out before causing significant damage.

Protesters continued south to the Portland State University Campus Public Safety office, located at Southwest Broadway and Southwest Montgomery Street. Police said numerous windows were shattered.

Police later declared the event a riot and ordered the group to disperse. Police said anyone involved in “criminal behavior, including vandalism” was subject to arrest. 

According to police, the crowd continued to commit acts of destruction. People in the crowd broke windows and graffitied businesses including a jewelry store, restaurants, coffee shop, bank and a phone store.

Police said a restaurant in the 1400 block of Southwest Park Avenue had at lest two bullets fired through the front windows, which lodged into the back wall.

Officers moved in and dispersed the crowd.

Three people were arrested overnight, including a man who was armed with a loaded pistol and the driver of the vehicle used to pull down the Roosevelt statue.

Police said more arrests and charges are possible.

The following people were booked into the Multnomah County Jail:

  • Malik Muhamad, 23, of Portland, charged with six counts of first-degree criminal mischief, riot, unlawful possession of a firearm, and possession of a loaded firearm in public (city code).
  • Justin Bowen, 25, of Portland, charged with two counts of fourth-degree assault and unlawful use of pepper spray.
  • Brandon Bartells, 38, of Washington, charged with first-degree criminal mischief and reckless endangering.

The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office said Muhamad used a metal baton to smash out windows at the Oregon Historical Society, Portland State University and other businesses. He is now facing one count of riot, along with his other charges. 

Court documents state officers found a pistol behind barrels that Muhamad used to hide behind, as well as a loaded pistol magazine in his pocket that matched the pistol located behind the barrels. 

Investigators said Muhamad has been living in Washington and has attended multiple violent demonstrations in Portland over the past few months, according to court documents. 

Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. KPTV-KPDX Broadcasting Corporation contributed to this report. 

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(48) comments


Sure wish there was someone who could put an end to this rioting. Wish we had a very expensive city government whoes job it was to keep the peace. Oh well at least they put a stop to plastic straws.


I would just love to hear what hateful Hardesty has to say about this mess ? And the fool still wants to cut the police , I see nothing good happening in Portland’s future because this town is the new war zone in America


Burning bibles. Burning flags. Burning cities. Tearing down statues. Erasing history. These people are part of the Democrat Socialist Party and represent nothing but HATE.


If you think Wheeler's bad, wait till you see the flaming loon who will take his place. The so-called "Antifa Mayor." Then to show what a bigger commie she is. She decides to wear a skirt that pictured all the heads of communist dictators on it. Yeah, that's the type of mayor I want running a city in the United States. Portland is broke, period! People are moving in flocks out of your toilet city. This is what you get when idiots put loons into office. I agree on what I have heard from many people. Let Portland burn! You put these idiots in power, you get what you ask for. Remember, elections have consequences, even deadly and destructive ones. This all could have been stopped long ago. Remember when the first Confederate statue was torn down? A blind man knew what was coming next. A blind man! Government failed to do the right thing. They blindfolded and handcuffed the police from doing their job. You allowed people whose job was to protect life and property to be attacked over and over again. This is what happens when you allow anarchy to rein out of control in the towns and cities throughout the United States.


Everyone voting in Portland needs to WRITE IN BRUCE BROUSSARD for mayor. He was the only Republican to fair well in the primaries. Time to change the "non partisan" voting system in Oregon so we can escape the constant dem vs dem(commie vs commie) general elections. It's wrong and this endless vicious cycle is completely because of non partisan voting. Let's change that ASAP.


Yeah that Sara person is beyond radical. She makes Ted seem like a moderate in comparison.


Well our President did sign an executive order which states ,directing federal law enforcement agencies to prosecute people who damage federal monuments — and to withhold portions of federal funding to cities that don’t protect statues from demonstrators. So if the officers have evidence who vandalized these 2 statues they can be held accountable and I hope they do!!!

Son of Fukov

These are not federal monuments (though they depict national figures) and the local DA will not prosecute criminals. Why does the DA maintain his job?


It's amazing how that vermin had enough time to topple the statues. Where the heck were the police? They had better double the guard at Mt. Rushmore.


My thoughts as well. From the reporters perspective, it reads as if the police watched the chains go on and torch being lit. That's a lot of equipment to casually drag around.


Mairez- Police cannot do much with Wheeler in charge. And wait until Iannarone is elected. It will get even more "interesting" in P - Town. Doubt this sort of thing would happen if we had a mayor that was not anti Law Enforcement.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

These people learned the only way to express themselves is violence and destruction. I doubt any of them had a father figure that taught them right from wrong, or a mother who any attention to them. Of course, it does not help that the supposed 'leaders' of cities like this encourage this type of thing, with near zero repercussions.

Frederick Fukov

Ya know..you might be on to something there. It would be interesting to do a mass study on WHO these street rats really are, and where did they come from? How many are foster children..how many came from abused homes, how many are spoiled rich kid pseudo intellectual college students. It would be interesting to know for about 10 seconds, before they all go into a gas chamber.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

Kate Brown's foster kids are holed up in hotels, she runs the worst foster care in the US, I would not be surprised if we were right.


Ask any of these sheep why they are doing what they are doing and you will have different answer each time. Ummmm Which way did they go Doc! We are sheep hear us go BAH BAH BAH!!! Blindly following the liberals orders!


See what the liberal educators have done. Not knowing history has caused these stupid people to blindly follow a false narrative !!


Election fraud is the only explanation of how the current leadership was elected, same case in Seattle. Can't possibly be that many voting morons, can there?


How ignorant these people are! They topple the very person who lead to free the slaves..... WHAT? What is wrong with people in Portland?


You have a very narrow view of history lmao

Thinking Person

History is full of contradictions and inaccuracies which no one finds surprising. Using it as an excuse for destruction is not acceptable.

Frederick Fukov

Sure..because holding leaders who lived in different times to today's standards does what? It qualifies you for mensa? Yes, it's so enlightened and broad minded to ignore that Lincoln..in most ways..was way ahead of his time. Who's statues should we erect in place of our forefathers? Lee Harvey Oswal? Charlie Manson?Terry Nicholls and Timothy McVeigh? Osama bin Laden? Libs are always good for laugh.


Sorry about your millennial era public education. You have been horribly wronged by your liberal arts teachers and you should sue. I can also see why these misfit kids also want their money back for college these days. You've been "indoctrinated" not "educated".


Ted's children


Who in the heck didn't see this coming? Give em an inch and now any statue, of anyone, doing anything, is subject to being destroyed. Lincoln?!? These retarded idiots probably don't even realize whom he was, the role he played in their history. Stupidity. This community, for allowing the destruction of the earlier statues to just go unaddressed. We should have drawn the line right there , now these retards believe it is legal, there will be no accountability for destroying our monuments. We should all be outraged over this dictatorship, which they claim to be reacting to. There is NO possible justification for destroying a lincoln monument.

Frederick Fukov

What do you expect from the City that named a street after Harvey Milk for gawd sakes?


Both Portland's local government and Oregon's state government has let it's people down and have adopted a small group of animals. Is THIS the place you want to raise your children's children? They are a failed group of people and NEED to be voted out of office ASAP. Do NOT vote for ANYBODY that currently holds office. They are ALL California Marxist puppets.

Thinking Person

Fantastic advice and our plan. For Oregon: No Incumbents. No Career Politicians. The "leadership" is made up by those folks who Fail in the real world. They lack creativity, initiative and in the case of Oregon's leadership (and Portland') love to tax, tax and tax for no results. Make sure to vote down the PPS Bond. They aren't educating the kids so we don't need new buildings.

Frederick Fukov

And replace them with whom? Each election cycle here in Oregon and especially in Portland, just gets worse and worse. Instead of Ted, you get Queen Antifa. Instead of Loretta Smith, you get Hardesty. This city is trending farther and farther to the left, to the point that conservatives are moving out, so now conservative or even moderate in their right mind would run for office here. Even IF a conservative or moderate won an election here, how would they be able to govern? They'd be surrounded by those who will undermine them at every turn. Hate to have to tell you this, but Portland is lost, and it's only going to get worse. Snake Plissken won't even set foot in downtown Portland. He said it's "just too apocalyptic."


We need to end "non partisan" elections in Oregon. Always dem vs dem. It is the common denominator in most large dem controlled cities. Time to start a petition to change our local voting system.


NWAMerican- Agree but please don't give animals a bad name. These people are not nearly as good as animals.

Frederick Fukov

It sure would be nice if the terrorists could just be put out of OUR misery. Seriously, living in a city that is run by radical, fanatical, pseudo intellectual idealists who truly believe they're smarter than everyone else..is really annoying. How these sub-humans ever got to this point in their grey matter..is just mind numbing. But they, just like a cockroach infestation..need to be fumigated and exterminated. I hope to gawd that Trump wins the election. Not because I like the guy. Who does? I didn't vote for him, and I won't vote for him again. I voted for common sense and logic over radical, fanatical idealism. I voted for conservative policies. I voted for the party that once the election is over..will finally declare Marshal Law, and they'll send the military in to wipe out these human rodents.


Frederick, how do you expect Trump to win if you don't vote for him? I generally agree with your posts, but this one stymies me. So you leave the heavy lifting to others?

Frederick Fukov

You misinterpret what I said. When I voted, I voted against Hillary, and I will vote against Biden-Harris. I voted for policies..not the man. So when I say I did not vote "for Trump," and I will not vote "for Trump," it means I don't like the guy personally. I will vote republican, but it doesn't mean I love the guy. I'm not a die hard Trump supporter. Personally, I think the guy is an obnoxious tool. If he would stop basking in the glow of his co-dependent base, stay off of twitter, try humbling himself and show a more human side..maybe admit a fault or two once in a while, he would garner favor from more moderates..even those who are democrats. But his ego just won't allow it, and this time..it just might cost him..and cost all of us. THAT is how I feel about Trump.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

I think he means he is voting for the Republican party, and not for anyone particularly in that party.

Native Born

We agree with you on so many ideas. We vote many times against a candidate rather than for a particular candidate as well.Common sense seems to be in short supply today.


Protesters don't vandalize RIOTERS DO.

Why can't the journalists of Fake news get that correct.

November 4th can't get here soon enough.


November 4th is my birthday, and it'll either be another "best birthday EVER" repeat like it was 4 years ago, or the worst birthday ever if we get a socialist president.

Thinking Person

These "Rioters" are Vermin. Consider the Mayoral candidates that oppose Ted Wheeler want to reduce the Portland Police Bureau's budget. What will the city look like then?

Oh, and the attempt at deflection by KPTV by putting yet another story about restaurants having to cope with a virus as the top story. The real story on that is onnected people don't have to go to bars and restaurants regulated by the state. Private in-home supper clubs (cooked by local out-of-work chefs) are going to be the rage this winter. Same with all the private bars.


Protesters knock down Roosevelt, Lincoln statues in Portland; riot declared by police??? These are rioters and vandals! Not protesters!


Stupid Thugs. Buy your own property and destroy it. Better yet, maybe one of your homeys won't like it and will tear it down.


Enough is enough - these are nothing but destructive band of self righteous whiners/ children acting out and costing taxpayers dearly. I had supported protests but I'm done - and I'm not alone. Good job on how to lose near unanimous support and give away your power for a few statues and shattered windows. Truly the dumbest protesters ever.


There is currently a THREE MONTH waiting list for movers to move anyone out of Portland. Soon, it will be a ghost town and the new Detroit.


Congratulations to Mayor "Spineless" Wheeler, commissioner "I Hate the Police" Hardesty AND to the voters in Portland who elected these clowns who ENCOURAGE criminal activity through their silence! How much longer does this have to go on Mayor & commissioner?

Frederick Fukov

These jacked up voters are going to vote Wheeler out, and replace him with someone who is even worse. She's going to come after our guns, and more of our money, just to give it away to those who believe they should have a comfortable life handed to 'em without working for it.


These are NOT voters. They're too stupid to even know how to register to vote.

Son of Fukov

@kyaja That's no problem. The state will register AND vote for them.


Write In Republican BRUCE BROUSSARD for Mayor. Pass it on to eveyone you know in Portland.


Theses rioters are a hate group.

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