VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) - Protesters marched through downtown Vancouver on Friday night after a vigil was held in Hazel Dell in honor of 21-year-old Kevin Peterson Junior was shot and killed by police on Thursday.

At least 1,000 people attended the vigil, which started around 7 p.m. in the same area where Kevin Peterson Jr. was shot.

Peterson's family and friends attended the vigil, including his old teachers and his elementary school principal. 

Hazel Dell vigil

KPTV image.

Others who knew him and many who did not expressed outrage that another Black man was shot and killed by police, and this time in their own backyard.

Just off of Highway 99, the fence behind the U.S. Bank building is now full of flowers and lined with candles paying tribute to the 21-year-old man.

Journalists were asked not to film as family members spoke at the vigil on Friday night.

"We’re tired of our people dying, they don't have to kill people, you can just stop somebody without killing them," said one person in attendance.

Investigators shared new details on Friday about the shooting. The Southwest Washington Independent Investigative Response Team says Thursday night just before 6 p.m., deputies and officers approached Peterson in his car at the Quality Inn because he was suspected of selling illegal drugs. Police said there was a foot chase, Peterson showed a gun, and officers backed off.

They said shortly thereafter, Peterson and deputies met again, and this time three deputies fired their guns.

FOX 12 spoke on the phone with Olivia Selto, who is the mother of Peterson's four-month-old child. Selto said she was on a Facetime call with Peterson when he was shot and killed.

"Probably 10 to 15 gunshots and he fell to the ground, I was just talking to him like, hello hello, I love you, I love you," Selto said.

Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins said earlier on Friday that Peterson had shot at deputies. The team responsible for investigating the shooting made no mention of that.

FOX 12 has asked authorities to clarify but did not receive a response on Friday night. The deputies involved in the shooting are on routine administrative leave.

After the vigil a group of approximately 300 people gathered at Esther Short Park, according to the Vancouver Police Department. Officers arrived around 10:15 p.m. as the crowd began marching downtown taking over the street and blocking traffic. There were two reported fires started in dumpsters.

Police said the group became “more aggressive” after midnight, gathered near the Clark County Jail and began throwing rocks at law enforcement. Police also reported shots being fired into the air around the same time, but no one was injured. A disperse order was issued but they group re-gathered near the park.

Just before 1:00 a.m., a second disperse order was given and the group began to spread out. Police said they arrested six people for failure to disburse. Those arrested were:

  • Daniel C. Ring, Age 28, Vancouver, WA
  • Laura L. Vetsch, Age 28, Eugene, OR
  • Ruby D. Martin, Age 31, Eugene, OR
  • Fahiym B. Acuay, Age 39, Portland, OR
  • Michael B. Rivera, Age 39, Camas, WA
  • Nick I. Caleb, Age 37, Unknown city of residence

Vancouver police said no chemical munitions were used by police.

Multiple businesses in the downtown area incurred property damage such as broken windows and graffiti. Anyone who still needs to report damage to their business should call 311.

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(15) comments


Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Generation of entitled individuals who don’t realize this will go on until they understand there are consequences for their actions.


Below is a very profound question. It will stop when people stop dealing drugs and shooting at law enforcement offices. Choose your actions wisely bad decisions have bad consequences.

"We’re tired of our people dying, they don't have to kill people, you can just stop somebody without killing them," said one person in attendance.


They think they are woke but they are illogical, lack common sense & probably have an extra chromosome.


Justice? Maybe get a reality check. Have people lost common sense & logic. Time to move on & get a life.


High fives to the police. You guys did us all a favor getting this garbage off the steets.


Here's a thought...DON'T THREATEN POLICE. Make stupid decisions, pay stupid prices.[rolleyes]


All these clowns are "protesting" an individual who shot at Police? What's wrong with this picture?


Wow, what a white wash! No reporting on the racist, domestic terrorists, BLM, Antifa and their assault and harassment of pedestrians and restaurants patrons.


Stop committing crimes and you wont get shot. I just don't understand why that is so hard to do.


Just another good family man assassinated by the police:(


When I get pulled over I usually flee the scene & brandish a weapon in front of cops hoping for no consequences & then a protest will happen immediately for me.


They want justice for someone who shot at cops but they don’t want the cops to shoot? Someone tell these mouth breathers how life works. There are consequences for your actions. What a bunch of losers.


I have no empathy for anyone that points a firearm, knife or club at a police officer and gets shot.


I agree 100%...and these losers that are "protesting"?? Would they protest if the Policeman got shot? This state and next door have lost their minds. Uugh..Protest GOOD! Policeman BAD


Agreed, play stupid games win stupid prizes. They need to keep their useless riots in downtown Portland.

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