Protesters rallied at the Oregon Capitol demanding the reopening of the state

SALEM, OR (KPTV) – Saturday the streets around the Oregon state capitol building were packed with people. The all gathered with signs and flags in hand to call on Oregon Governor Kate Brown to reopen the state and lift COVID-19 restrictions.

More than a thousand people gathered for the “Reopen Oregon” rally. From late morning to early afternoon cars and trucks honked their horns at those standing on the sidewalks.

“We’re plowing through our savings and how are we going to put food on the table,” Manulani Lopes of Troutdale said. She was just one of those protesting the state closures.

She says many people she knows have felt the impacts of the COVID-19 restrictions.

“It is our right to work, we have that right to work,” Lopes said. “Americans are smart, we know how to take care of ourselves and our families we will take precautions.”

Terry Lopes told Fox12 she has felt the impacts as well. She runs a private daycare and has had to drastically reduce the number of people she can see.

“I have went from 9 children down to three because we got closed down,” Teri Lopes said. “I am out two thirds of my pay a month and I am the sole provider for my family it is hard.”

For several hours the parade of cars and cheering from the side of the street went on. Air12 was flying overhead and did catch a small scuffle and several people with guns strapped to them.

On the steps of the capitol building several healthcare workers had gathered with a different message.

“It is disappointing to see so many people disregarding human life it is really sad,” one woman said.

They say they know what the virus can do and want to see it come to an end. However, they want to see the state open when it is safe to do so.

“Our message is that we want to open, but we want it to open safely and we don’t want people to die,” Harriett Martin said.

Nearly 24-hours before Saturday’s protest in Salem, Oregon’s Governor laid out a framework for certain counties with few or no cases of the virus to begin reopening.

Currently a handful of counties are working on plans to submit to the Governor’s Office. If those plans are approved, they may begin reopening gradually on May 15th.

FOX 12 reached out to Governor’s Office for comment on Saturday’s protest, but has not heard back.

Both Oregon State Police and Salem Police say no issues from the rally have been reported to them.

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(10) comments

FOX watchers are fools

[sneaky] Surprising that people don't realize that their behavior is what is KEEPING us from opening! Good luck infecting each other, because most of your customers will not be entering your doors, in the meantime YOU will not qualify for unemployment or any other TAX PAID help. But, you do you, and keep kissing on each other. Leave the innocent people alone, and STOP bringing your kids in businesses. That is CRIMINAL!


Crazy Kate's lock down is OVER.

The executive order declaring a "60 day emergency" violates the Oregon Constitution.

Her order was NULL AND VOID as of April 7th!


I'd like to know how much money Chinese "interests" are paying Kate Brown to keep Oregon locked down.


The "hall monitors" at KPTV don't like you mentioning the corrupt PERS system and the bailout Kate Nutbag is trying to stiff taxpayers for.

Wouldn't want to get to the truth of the matter when the palace guards have an agenda to protect from scrutiny.


Crooked Kate is making you stay home to get a bailout of the corrupt PERS system


Funny how the governor announced on Friday night at 10:15 that the "emergency order" was extended until July 6th!

Why is that do you suppose?

Could it be that screwball Kate is trying to get a bailout of the corrupt PERS system?


The party of abortion (mass murder) says we're disrespectful of "human life".

Hypocrisy meter: DEAD!


Sad thing is that even if everyone in the state was there today it wouldn't make any difference. Katie doesn't care all she cares about is her own agenda. By July 6th this state is going to be a bomb ready to blow if people aren't allowed to go back to work.

Sun Tzu

'Protesters rallied at the Oregon Capitol demanding the reopening of the state' Queen Kate will not do it. Tyrants will do whatever it takes to remain in power. As a matter of fact she extended the so called 'state of emergency' until July 6.


She violated Article 10-A of the Oregon Constitution, her original order, under law, expired on April 7th.

Under law, an emergency order can only remain in effect for 30 days, unless the legislature is convened to concur by a 3/5 vote to extend the order prior to its expiration.

This lock down is OVER!

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