PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Looters smashed through the windows of dozens of businesses and started fires in downtown Portland, as protests raged out of control early Saturday morning in response to George Floyd's death.

Hundreds gathered on Friday at Peninsula Park in Portland to attend a vigil, later taking to the streets in response to George Floyd's death. Big crowds marched for five miles, eventually making their way to the Justice Center in downtown Portland, smashing through some of its windows, and then lighting a fire inside.

"The Justice Center has been attacked and a fire has been lit inside," the Portland Police Bureau tweeted late Friday night.

Portland police later said some protesters were throwing projectiles at officers.

Looters smashed windows at downtown businesses, including shops inside Pioneer Place mall, a Target, a CVS pharmacy, jewelry shops, and many others. At a CVS Pharmacy, looters grabbed what they could and started burning it in the middle of the street.

Broken glass now litters the sidewalks of southwest Portland as dumpster fires smolder and police continue to try to control the riot.

Vigil organizers earlier said the event was to show solidarity with Minneapolis protesters. Many who attended the vigil, estimated to be in the hundreds, carried signs calling out white supremacy and police brutality. People also held up fists as a show of solidarity and shouted "black power" and "love not hate".

The vigil was peaceful and included several speakers who encouraged the crowd to stand up for injustices that people of color face in America. The crowd once it started moving blocked traffic while marching down streets including Rosa Park Way and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Some people in the crowd participated in acts of vandalism while winding their way to the Justice Center in downtown Portland. FOX 12 crews saw spray paint tags on a Wells Fargo Building along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, as well as several other businesses. Crews also saw people smash windows and damage businesses along the street, including the Nike store.

Many people while marching chanted "black lives matter" and "no justice, no peace", and "say his name, George Floyd".

Portland police on Twitter late Friday night said there had been "significant vandalism and a shooting" connected to the protest.

In a later tweet, police said investigators were looking into three separate shootings involving two victims. The first occurred downtown, according to police, and the second near Farragut Park.

"The third incident location is being determined but believed to be related to the demonstration," police said.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler also took to social media to address the protest.

"Portland, this is NOT us," Wheeler tweeted. "When you destroy our city, you are destroying our community. When you act in violence against each other, you are hurting all of us. How does this honor the legacy of George Floyd? Protest, speak truth, but don’t tear your city apart in the process."

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A large police presence responded as protesters rallied at the Justice Center, using a loud speaker to tell the crowds to disperse.

Earlier in the day, the Portland's NCAPP held a "Eulogy for Black America" demonstration that drew a large crowd to the Terry Shrunk Plaza in downtown Portland.  

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(18) comments

Just curious

Portland has become the German "crystal Naght". Heil Hitler.

Not a Cuck for Trump

"This whole thing is a political situation trying to make our President look bad". Nobody needs to try to make The Orange Menace look bad, he does a great job of that all by himself. That's about the only thing he does a great job of.

Sun Tzu

Teddy is the de facto leader of antifa in Portland.


Instead of punishing everyone that is not breaking the law, why don't the police go in wearing the riot gear they are so proud of, and open fire and kill these looters and rioters. this type of garbage has gone on long enough, and if they had a mayor or governor that wasn't a liberal cull. they could put a stop to this type of civil disobedience. These people are not protesting a mans death, this is just an excuse to act out. They used to shoot looters, time to start again.



What is happening right now will follow you for years to come. In this instance, stand up strong instead of Antifa soft glove treatment. We need all the Police out, State Police and the National Guard NOW. Each hour you delay allows a stronger protester base to develop. You must wade into these clowns who under the guise of "anger" are destroying Portland. "Little ol' Portland" once again in the headlines. Make the news, use force, wrist slapping and "impassioned" statements don't cut it here. These groups include anarchists, Antifa elements and plain trouble makers looking to get something for free. We can't go to Church? We can't gather in a group? Can't go to work? But you will allow these clowns to cast that aside in the name of "anger". This WILL be your defining moment..,don't blow this opportunity as the window of opportunity is only open so long! Good luck Ted!!!


Time to throw out Ted Wheeler, Queen Kate and other corrupt politicians . . . they've done enough damage to Oregon and this country.


Hahaha haha. Keep destroying your city babies. You literally have the political power to push through anything you want and you still can't get it together to do so. You've been given every opportunity and are still abject failures

Delta Bravo

Portland is a sanctuary city. In a sanctuary city, you only need to obey the laws you like. If people obey only the laws they like, there is no rule of law. No rule of law is anarchy. Recognize anarchy? This is what the future holds for a sanctuary city. If the police are incapable of defending your property, what remedy is left?


Every 4 years, just like the election cycle...


"black power" and "love not hate", but grab a few pairs of Nikes while you're at it.


I don't put any weight on what hollyweirdos think, say or do. But I am curious this one time. I'd like to know if the steve Carell's who donated are second guessing themselves, they should.


It's time for useless brown to call out the National Guard.


As I type helicopters are everywhere. Fires, vandalism and destruction. Portland has hit rock bottom tonight. This city is overrun with drug addicted vagrant zombies and smelly loser antifa types. What a disgrace. These people should be ashamed of themselves. No amount of destruction will change what happened. Liberals are so stupid.


Remember folks it's ok to gather in large groups and vandalize property but going to work is BAD!

lue c4

i think large gathering are only permitted for white people carring guns to show support for Trump and to protest stay at home orders..not really clear on this? I think christians can gather also since impeached president executive order this week.


Thats quite a large gathering which I thought was not allowed. I mean, every major event and gathering in the Portland area has been cancelled because we were told gathering like this are dangerous. Love how now there is a push that the outdoors are ok to gather in when they had public beaches and parks closed for weeks.


Thought that no large gatherings or events are allowed no matter what the reason. They cancel Concerts, Sporting Events, Runs, ETC. Yet this is OK? Go figure. This whole thing is a political situation trying to make our President look bad. Hopefully the voters will prove it wrong.


It's okay to riot, cause property damage and so on, but get caught gathering at church or a concert and you will get busted.

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