PSU reports suspicious and invasive behavior, including someone filming people in bathrooms

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland State University is reporting suspicious and invasive behavior on campus, including someone filming people in bathroom stalls. 

Students are shocked and disturbed.

“I’m speechless, I’m completely speechless,” student Yasmine Babiker said.

Many of the students FOX 12 spoke with are hearing for the first time what’s gone on at PSU the last two months, a series of suspicious and invasive behaviors.

According to PSU, the first one, which campus officers most recently found out about, happened Jan. 26 at the Smith Center; a man used his phone to film someone in a gender-neutral bathroom.

Then on Feb. 1, at the Academic Student Recreation Center, a man used his phone to film over a bathroom stall in the women’s room.

On Feb. 2 at Ondine Residence Hall, a man was watching people through the bathroom stall.

Then on Feb. 5 at the Smith Center, someone held a phone under the bathroom stall.

And on Feb. 15, a man filmed someone as they walked through Cramer Hall.

To the students who go in and out of these buildings, live in the residence hall, and use the bathrooms every day, it’s alarming.

“I use those restrooms and other students use those restrooms,” Babiker said.

“I feel like the bathroom is one of the only safe places we have especially as women and then for that privacy to be invaded, it’s pretty disturbing,” student Judy Castillo said.

Now the Campus Safety Office is asking everyone to be aware of their surroundings and report anything suspicious or unsafe.

“I’m just going to be more vigilant about who’s in the building, who really goes there, who has access and who doesn’t have access,” Babiker said.

Some of the reports have more detailed descriptions than others. Some of them describe a white man about 5’ 6” to 5’ 10”. A few of them mention a gold iPhone.

But PSU hasn’t said yet if they think this is all the work of one person or separate people.

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