PSU says officers will start patrolling campus unarmed by Sept. 1

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland State University announced Friday it will keep their campus security officers unarmed moving forward.

In a statement on PSU's website, President Stephen Percy said Campus Public Safety Chief Willie Halliburton has committed to beginning unarmed campus patrols no later than Sept. 1, before the start of the fall term.

"I appreciate the leadership of Chief Halliburton and members of the CPSO team for their commitment to innovation in campus safety," Percy said in the statement.

Last August, the university announced campus police won't be armed anymore. PSU students and others called on the university to disarm its campus police for nearly two years, after the deadly shooting of Jason Washington near the campus in the summer of 2018.

Percy formed the Reimagine Campus Safety Committee last year to plan new safety strategies. This summer, the committee will work with several groups to further discuss plans for campus safety. Then they'll bring their recommendations to Percy and to the PSU Board of Trustees.

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Woke Eyesaidsir

The new job description for these campus security guys instructs: " When dealing with the victims of a shooting or stabbing.... rush to their side and AX them if they wish for you to call: THE. REAL. POLICE. The ones with REAL GUNS. WHile waitng the 20 min for THE REALS to arrive take a survey of the victim's thought about defunding the poiice, letting felons out of prison early, letting felons vote ...This will be made into a new Woody Allen movie, styled after "Sleeper".

Woke Eyesaidsir

Fools! Do you not know that BAD guys, even BAD guys with severe mental problems can view these media "successes".... in both print and screen. Puff your chest up liberals... you have scored a "pathetic win" here


Hopefully anyone committing a crime, will be asked to be unarmed too.

I think having signs around the campus stating, "this is a gun and weapon free zone" will protect everyone.


It's way past time for this to happen. College students and others on college campuses should be treated no differently than the same demographic in any neighborhood. The best thing would be to do away with all campus police and rely on the local police jurisdiction just like the rest of us must do when trouble arises. And, if necessary contract with a third party security guard company to patrol the area, like other business do.


What will the campus police do when confronted with deadly force?


Call in the social workers.


The faculty frankly don't care. They think campus security are just low wage rent-a-cops. For all their posturing, it is hard to find someone who despises low-wage and lower-class people more than a college professor.


This is a very, very bad idea.

Kalvin Goldman

I fail to see how unarmed security can properly protect people.


Their new safety tactic? 911 on speed dial.


hardesty is the 911/fire department commissar. It is desperately trying to expand their power base to the determent of our city. Social workers can take care of everything if it has absolute power. They can talk gangbangers into dropping their guns for a big hug.


You are caller 37. Your wait time will be ...

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