PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The last witness took the stand on Friday in the murder trial of Jeremy Christian, who is facing the possibility of life in prison for the deadly 2017 stabbing attacks.

The final witness, Doctor Alan Newman, is a psychiatrist who evaluated Jeremy Christian. He diagnosed Christian with anti-social personality disorder and alcohol abuse disorder. He also talked about the issue of remorse in this case.

“With this situation, he did show some remorse in respect to Mr. Best, and the fact that there were children left without a father,” Newman said. “But beyond that, he appeared to feel very strongly that he was justified, that this was the fault of the others who started a verbal confrontation and that he was justified in the actions he took, and didn’t appear to have, to this day, much remorse.”

Newman wrote a 128-page report for the case, but the defense poked holes in it, saying he took a lot of his report from the reports of other experts and from social media posts.

“If you take those quotations out, the things that were attributed, the actual language that you provided, the amount of information may easily fit on one page, and probably less,” Greg Scholl, defense attorney, said. “Isn’t that true? Possibly.”

Friday afternoon, lawyers on both sides spoke with the judge about the next steps in the trial, including instructions for the jury. They will hear closing arguments on Tuesday, and then, the case will be in their hands.


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I imagine the judge like most anymore will give him 6 months supervised parrol! Just go ahead turn them loose this fits right in with the Democrats Baby Murders! They made Murder legal there.

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