PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Police Association has launched a billboard campaign to raise awareness on public safety concerns as the city continues to grapple with gun violence and other crime related issues this year.


(Courtesy: Portland Police Association) 

The billboards, which will be posted across the city, contain statements such as "Crime victims deserve better," "Put politics aside. Put public safety first," and "Do you feel safe in Portland?" The police union said in a statement that it hopes the billboards will encourage city leaders to prioritize public safety over politics by fully funding and staffing the Portland Police Bureau.

Included at the bottom of the billboards is a website that directs to a petition, encouraging Portlanders to support efforts for funding law enforcement. 

"Devaluing community safety as a critical part of our city’s infrastructure is having devastating effects and crime victims are paying the price," the police union stated.

The campaign comes as gun violence remains an issue in Portland. So far this year, there have more than 567 shootings, according to a figure provided by the PPA. The union said that's more than twice the number recorded during the same period in 2020.

The police union continues to advocate for a fully funded and staffed police bureau, while recruitment and retention efforts have waned over the last decade. "Hiring hasn’t matched attrition, leaving our city’s first responders catastrophically understaffed," the police union stated.

The police union hopes to have enough officers to meet certain public safety priorities including:

  • Proactively policing to prevent crime
  • Responding to calls for service
  • Prioritizing the needs of crime victims
  • Investigating and solving crimes
  • Addressing the deadly surge in gun and gang violence
  • Serving those who are impacted by livability issues surrounding homelessness
  • Assisting those suffering in mental health crises
  • Engaging in proactive community policing in our neighborhoods
  • Ensuring the safety of Portlanders and our officers

"Inadequate staffing in the police bureau is hurting our communities and putting all of us at risk," said Daryl Turner, Executive Director of the PPA. "Nothing is more basic to the livability of a city than public safety. We desperately need City leaders to take action, fund and staff our police bureau, and put politics aside and public safety first." Turner has been an outspoken critic of the City of Portland's defunding of the Portland Police Bureau.

The police union told FOX 12 that a total of seven billboards will be up throughout the metro area and will stay up through October. The billboards were paid by the police union, but it's not known at this time how much they cost.

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(22) comments


"Proactively policing to prevent crime"

But that is exactly what Progressives don't want the cops to do.


In Portland it is legal to pump drugs into your own veins ... but illegal to pump gas into your own cars.

Let that sink in.


Maybe the solution is to fund the police through private sources, like a GoFundMe page. Make them independent of the dysfunctional city government.


Or we can spend the hundreds of millions wasted on the homeless, on police instead.


That is what the "Democratic Leaders" that want to defund the Police do. Cut the police budget then use taxpayer money for private security to protect themselves.


As the rule of law disappears, so will our civilized society.

But isn't that what the de-fund the police crowd wants?


Absolutely correct.

Kalvin Goldman

No I don't feel safe, every time I go out for a drive I have to worry about being stopped by an officer who isn't wearing a mask.

Reverend Charles

You're at greater risk of being carjacked, shot, robbed and left for dead.


Then go get vaccinated. Stop whining about a bad decision you chose to make.


Don't commit traffic violations every time you go out for a drive, and you don't have to worry about it.


That isn't even right. You need to pull your head out and see what the real world is about these days.


A billboard saying, "You get what you vote for!" would be more effective.


By tomorrow I expect the billboard to have been tagged with ACAB.

Reverend Charles

How long do you think it will be before these signs are vandalized or torched? They are an affront to every anarchist in the city, and there are thousands.


Hoping Portland wakes up so I can visit the city again.


Putting public safety first would begin with getting rid of Ted Wheeler and Jo Ann Hardesty.


Good luck. Those arogant, pompous, narcissistic, self-absorbed idiots will never go on their own.

Tyrell Higgs

They need to go a step further and put wanted signs with Teddy and JoAnns faces on them. Wanted - Common sense, don't defund the police and expect crime to go down

Reverend Charles

You can't do that. It would be regarded as a threat to their lives. The advertising companies and the FCC wouldn't allow it. The only way you could do that would be to erect your own sign on private property.


Politically not correct!

pb sir

I like the idea, though !!

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