CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - A recently elected Clackamas County Commissioner is facing calls for his resignation, after a community member documented racist and anti-immigrant posts on his public Facebook page.

On a website titled "Documenting Mark Shull's Racism," there are dozens of screen shots of what appear to be Shull's Facebook posts from 2019 and 2020.

The posts are critical of Muslims, immigrants, transgender people, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I happened to look at his Facebook page and the instant I looked at it my jaw dropped, and I said I've got to start recording this, because the instant this gets out, he's going to start deleting it," said Cris Waller, who compiled the posts and set up the web page displaying them.

On Tuesday, Multnomah County Commissioners issued a joint statement calling on Shull to resign.

"I've got to be honest, it was a gut punch," said Commissioner Susheela Jayapal. "That was my immediate reaction. And my second reaction was Mr. Shull had to step down."

Another call for Shull's resignation came from the Oregon chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

"I think it's important that he resigns because this is not someone that should be in a leadership position," said Sahar Muranovic, a CAIR Board Member.

Mark Shull could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

Shull's campaign website describes the incoming commissioner as a Marine Corps veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Calls For Shull Resignation

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Clackamas County Board Chair Tootie Smith released a statement Tuesday evening, responding to Shull's posts.

"I want to assure residents that I in no way condone or agree with these offensive statements," said Smith. "They do not reflect my values. Such statements are an attack on human dignity and have no place in Government."

Shull was scheduled to be sworn in as commissioner Wednesday, but the county says that has been postponed because of threats of violence.

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(13) comments


Could someone please tell me what he said that wasn't true or fair? I read everything in the story and did not see what was not true. I find anyone who disagrees with him to be offensive so they should be cancelled and shamed.


Elon Musk said we should " legalize comedy". It would be better than canceling it. What ever happened to the freedom of speech. Also see :The Death of Political Cartooning—And Why It Matters "written by Jack Reilly


Good for him ! At least he is up front how he feels and not like others who hide there thoughts and then stab people in the back when they are not looking !!


Got to agree with most of his comments. Not in his county but I hope he stays in office.


What's a "Tootie Smith" when she's at home? :)


This is what recalls are for. Pressuring him to resign is disenfranchising the over 50% of Clackamas County voters that voted for him. Voters should have the opportunity to decide if these Facebook posts affect their support or not.


Shut down Facebook and Twitter stat! They are breaking the anti-trust law. Both platforms are useless, horribly written programs that nobody should use. Put Bezos and Zuckerberg in prison while you're at it.


"Shull was scheduled to be sworn in as commissioner Wednesday, but the county says that has been postponed because of threats of violence."

Let me get this right. A bunch of right-wing folks attempt to interrupt Congress and everyone loses their mind. But "some people" make threats shutting down a local government swearing in and the story is about the guy that is being threatened. Where is the Oregon State Police? Why aren't investigations into these people making threats not going full speed?


He should be honored for telling the truth. There are many thousands of us who agree with him and we not only have the right to do so, we are right. For those of you who don't agree, leave the country. We will get along much better without you.

Michelle Robinson

Who's complaining? Most likely someone the bible says shouldn't even be walking this earth. Sad times!


He is entitled to his beliefs and opinions just like everyone else.

Reminds me of what our Indian tour guide told me last year. When Muslims are in the minority, they demand all the rights and privileges afforded them. When they become the majority, they demand everyone else follow their dictates and have no compassion for anyone else.


I believe that people in this country are free to have whatever thoughts they wish. I sure I find some of Cris Wallers posting and thoughts to be offensive. Did Mr Shull act on any of his thoughts? This is a slippery slope when we start attacking people for thought and expression. I hope that Cris Waller has never offended anyone.


Good for him. People still have the right to say what they feel and question the political process and it's ulterior motives, especially when it comes to illegal immigration.

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