MOUNT BACHELOR, OR (KPTV) - With all the heavy snow in the Cascades there comes an increase in danger for skiers and snowboards. Ski areas are reminding folks to be aware of trees wells.

Sunday morning a 19-year old got stuck in one on Mount Bachelor. Nearby skiers were able to pull the teen out in the nick of time.

“The head coach had reminded us all of tree well safety and you know staying close,” MBSEF Ski Coach Geoff Angell said.

He was skiing with some of his athletes Sunday when they heard yelling for help at the central Oregon ski area.

“It was maybe our second run of the day,” Geoff said.

Those calls for help were coming from several other people who had come across a man buried in the snow.

“I didn’t get real good look, I skied right down they were saying call ski patrol but I knew I could get down there and maybe help,” Angell said.

He adds the teen was trying to get out but just couldn’t. Angell know the stuck snowboarder was running out of air.

“I saw him go from kind of flailing arms to just limp,” Angell said. “You could tell he was passed out and it was time to act quick,” Angell said.

The group dug and dug and eventually pulled the teen from the snow. He would eventually come to.

“He said I thought I was going to die and thanks for pulling me out of there,” Angell said.

The story comes as a reminder of the dangers that do exist in deep snow. If you plan to go out, ski or snowboard with a buddy and stay close together. If you don’t feel confident in riding in the trees, avoid them and stick to the groomed runs.

“Be safe and watch your buddy’s back, ski close, take turns taking the lead and if you are feeling unsure about going into the woods don’t go into the woods,” Angell said.

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