Residents in NE Portland neighborhood fed up with trashed lot


In one Portland neighborhood, people say they’re fed up with a trashed lot that sits right next to their homes.

“I have seen it many times,” said David Sweet with the Cully Association of Neighbors. “It’s been a chronic neighborhood nuisance for a long time now.”

Sweet is talking about the lot on Northeast Prescott Street, across from Albertsons.

“It’s obviously not the kind of thing we want here,” said Sweet.

Neighbors said it’s filled with trash, tents, and old cars. They also think about 20 people call the lot home.

“It just makes me uncomfortable,” said nearby neighbor, Mathew Steiner.

Neighbors also believe the owner of the lot stays there as well, welcoming the problem.

“It’s probably going to keep happening, unfortunately,” said Sweet.

A spokesperson for the City of Portland said crews have been out there more than once, adding that a few years ago they had the house on the lot demolished because it was such a nuisance.

Neighbors told FOX 12 the owner moved back onto the lot though, along with others.

Then again in December, the city said it came out and had the lot cleaned.

“It was a good empty lot for three months or so,” said Sterner. “Then slowly tents started to pop up, a trailer would arrive, more tents popped up.”

Neighbors just hope the eyesore gets cleaned up soon and for good.

“Because there are so many people coming and going, I don’t really know what’s going on and it kind of makes me scared for my kids,” said Steiner.

The city said right now it’s waiting on a warrant so it can enter the lot and fence it off. Officials hope that will keep people away and keep the area clean.

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