PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - While Portland grapples with what will happen now that the Rapid Response Team resigned, other cities have also dealt with similar issues.

In Minneapolis last June, following the death of George Floyd, a number of officers quit, saying they weren’t receiving enough support. There, the police chief said the number of officers resigning wasn’t great enough to be a detriment to the department.

In Buffalo, after two officers were suspended last year, the department's entire Emergency Response Team resigned. Similar to Portland, the officers did not resign from their jobs, but from their duties on the response team. In that case, the city said New York State Police would provide additional troopers.

Resignation of RRT in Portland similar to resignations in other cities over last year

Image: PPB

In South Florida, ten members of the Hallandale Beach SWAT team stepped down, citing command members kneeling with protesters as their last straw.

And in Albuquerque, the Emergency Response Team, which handles protests there, also resigned. Officers said they felt over scrutinized, so they decided to take a stand and step down.

The department said it also saw a number of officers leaving the department all together. However, that department similarly said the resignations would not impact crowd control operations.

FOX 12 did reach out to these departments to get an update, but did not hear back.

It remains to be seen how the resignations will impact operations in Portland.

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(6) comments


Soon comes a general police strike!! .... all it would take would be BLM/gangs members assassinating one of Portland's finest,,, or an ambush. If BLM can be allowed to destroy and shut down Portland.... then the police can walk out


Yep. I wouldn't put that pas antifa, the true fascists and blm.


What's disgusting, is that the city officials (voted in by idiots), don't even care about BLM and Antifa. All they care about is their political futures. The voters are so stupid and brainwashed, they just keep voting this idiots in like sheep. If you voted for this violence and "Defunding the Police", then you need to be ready for the police to NOT help you when you call them. Dummies.


Who you gonna call when BLM stages on the street in front of where you, mama and the kids live. I see where the price of lumber is slowly coming down EXCEPT FOR PLYWOOD.... it has future being traded!


Thank you democrats in control of the city, county and state, for not backing up the people that protect us and supporting the protesters/rioters instead!


The article fails to mention these cities are Democrat controlled.

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