Riot declared after protesters gather in east Portland

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland police say they encountered a violent crowd during a demonstration Monday night and they later declared a riot.  

A little after 8:30 p.m., crowds near the Penumbra Kelly Building, located at 4735 East Burnside Street, began throwing objects at officers, according to the Portland Police Bureau. 

The group had marched to the building after holding a vigil at Laurelhurst Park for Daunte Wright, a Black man who was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop Sunday in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

Earlier Monday, the Brooklyn Center police chief said the officer who shot Wright thought they had grabbed a Taser, not their handgun.

Hours later in Portland, PPB said police acted in self-defense and in defense of property after stating to demonstrators that the Kelly Building was closed.

Police said some threw glass bottles, frozen water bottles, rocks, ball bearings and other objects, and shot fireworks in the direction of officers and the building.

Police then issued verbal warnings, directing people to stay off the property, and to remain on sidewalks. Force warnings were given, warning protesters that they may be subject to dispersal, including munitions and they may be subject to arrest.

The group grew to 200 people and blocked East Burnside to drivers. PPB said people from the crowd came onto the closed city property and attempted to set a dumpster on fire.

Police said many in the crowd kept throwing objects and some continued lighting a fire on the east side of the building, adding wood and other flammable material to it. People were seen breaking windows on the front side of the building and there were repeated attempts to breach the front doors of the building.

At about 10:20 p.m., officers began moving the crowd away from the Kelly Building, heading west on East Burnside. Neighbors called to report thefts from area yards and to report the disturbance. Police said people in the crowd were stealing rocks and landscaping bricks and other property to use as weapons against police.

Police said due to the continued violent conduct by so many in the crowd, an unlawful assembly was first declared, then when the conduct of the crowd did not improve, incident command declared a riot.

At about 10:34 p.m., police disengaged from the crowd, as most of the people in the crowd began moving away and were now several blocks from the location of the riot.

PPB said officers remained in the area “for the safety of the community.”

Police said the crowd did not return to the building after they were dispersed.

No arrests were made, but police said investigations following the riot may lead to arrests. The crime of riot is a felony in Oregon.

According to police, no CS gas was used.

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(26) comments


When this happens, the police should back off about 50 yards and open fire. Hopefully, the mayor and his sweetheart, hardesty will be there close up and personal to witness the outcome. Same goes for the liberal idiots who voted these worthless bums into office.


[beam]Amen to that

In God I trust

I third this.


[angry] When are the criminals and the incompetent Oregon so called "leaders" going to be held accountable?!?!?


Portland Police are recruiting for a new position. The new "Commissioner of Warnings" will be in charge of warning rioters and criminals to stop their criminal conduct. The commissioner must be able to give loud warnings multiple times each night. The position will be as a civilian liaison between the mayor and miscreants. The mayor will continue with his position, head down, posterior exposed and ineffectively running the city. Portland Police will then be allowed to continue standing down, hiding inside precincts and making no arrests while the "Commissioner of Warnings" will keep "warning".


Trashy people in a trashy city doing what they do best.

Maddog 10

I gus

Moved on

pepper balls and rubber bullets'


I hear the people of Portland crying that they've had enough of this. Don't you believe it because they keep reelecting the same dirtbags that have the power to change this. These same dirtbags they've elected are so scared of doing something that might p*ss off their constituents they do nothing. The citizens of Portland have the power to rid themselves of this nightmare but they never do.


Why aren’t these protesters vocal about the day to day black on black violence? I guess those lives don’t matter. Just pick and choose


They have to pick and choose because they hate facts that dont fit the narrative. Black people mostly die at the hands of other black people.


Without the "Rule of Law" we will no longer have a civilized community.

Where are our democrat leaders that run the city, county and state?

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Well..knowing Joann..she's probably up at ilani making another trip to the ATM machine.


Stop calling them leaders. They don't lead anything. They kiss the behinds of Antifa and hope for the best.


I know it it to much to ask, but if city hall would let the police do their job by using what ever means necessary, up to and including deadly force, then perhaps these rioters would get a clue. But as it stands, they are going to send in unarmed park rangers to deal with this instead.


^ Truth Bomb ^

Maddog 10

What can you expect when the DA SAYS HE WON'T PROSECUTE.


The police failed.

The 200 tonight will be 300 tomorrow. An officer won't make it home the third night.

The only way to control the violence and rioting is to arrest and detain everyone there. No protection for "social media reporting", take them all in.

How much will the city take?

Absolute insanity.


[angry] I just love how the PPB deals with BLM and Antifa domestic terrorist during protests. Everything I just read is all the hallmarks of these two dirtbag groups. I used to give a class on terrorism in the military. They are broken down into three groups. They were known as the Three "C"s. They are: Crazies, Criminals and Crusaders. Guess which one is the most dangerous? Can you guess which one BLM and Antifa are? If you can, you passed the first test on commonsense and awareness of a threat. The only way to deal with this type of violence is to arrest and book everyone who commits violence and destruction of property. You house the most egregious in the group. That means you have facilities to incarcerate them. Such facilities would be similar to a State prison with guard towers, dogs walking the perimeter, spotlights on all four corner towers. Double razor wire on top with a collapsible bar. You dig a ditch 10 ft deep and three feet wide around the prison. You build a second fence around that one, 10 feet away. That should hold them until trial. However, in order for this to work, the U.S. Government will need to build a super max facility in the middle of the desert that will house the nations terrorist for good. To get to this facility, there can be no possible of them seeing where there going to this facility. That will prevent paroled terrorist from return to assist in helping their comrades escape. If you thing this is harsh, all you have to do is see what destruction they have rain down on this country and its citizens. Remember, there goal is no law, no government, no nation, and anarchy rules. Think it's harsh now?


^^ Truth Bomb ^^

Grand puba

Great plan

In God I trust

I love it!

Native Born

The season of Portland rioting has begun!


Yellow tape them in and start taking Identification and pictures. Arrest the ones that are burning and throwing stuff. This has to stop. Every time something happens anywhere in the world these rioters throw a party. TAKE BACK THE CITY!!!


YELLOW TAPE THEM IN? What, like they won't just busy through crime scene tape and scatter? Wasted energy for posting this idea. But you keep thinking


They did it a couple of weeks ago and arrested a bunch of people. Look it up, They got to do something. What is your solution?

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