PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Police declared a riot in downtown Portland after a group of about 80 to 100 people smashed windows and damaged buildings on Saturday night.

At 9 p.m., groups gathered at Shemanski Park located near the Immigration Customs Enforcement Facility for events promoted as “autonomous demonstrations," according to the Portland Police Bureau. 

At 10 p.m., a group of 100 people marched from Shemanski Park to City Hall. Some group members smashed windows at Spa Sasse on Southwest Alder Avenue and Starbucks on 3rd Avenue and Jefferson.

Riot declared in downtown Portland; 5 arrests made

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A few minutes later, police declared the riot, and the crowd was ordered to leave the area. Instead of leaving, many in the group marched in the streets and continued to break business windows. Police said several people in the crowd used umbrellas in an attempt to block officers from seeing the criminal acts.

PPB later said in a tweet that they would begin making targeted arrests.

Just after 11 p.m., a group of about 50 people gathered outside the ICE building. As officers began making focused arrests, a man began pushing the officer line and then pulled out a butterfly knife on officers from about 6 feet away. Officers used munitions, and the man backed up and walked away. Bicycle officers found and arrested the man.

PPB arrested six individuals they say engaged in criminal acts. Those arrested were identified as: 

  • Phoebe Loomis, 36, of Portland, who was charged with second-degree criminal mischief. A helmet, gloves, metal tool, bear spray, and gas mask were seized.
  • Quang Nguyen, 20, of Kent, Washington, who was charged with first-degree criminal mischief and second-degree disorderly conduct. A hammer and slingshot, along with instructions on how to make a slingshot, were seized.
  • Christopher Donnelly, 27, of Portland, who was arrested on a warrant for riot, first-degree criminal mischief, and resisting arrest.
  • Jeremiah Day, 22, of Portland, who was arrested for menacing officers with a butterfly knife.
  • Darren Stephens, 36, of Portland, who was arrested for a warrant for second-degree criminal mischief.
  • Michael Isaacs, 26, of Portland, who was arrested for menacing and second-degree disorderly conduct. 

Earlier on Saturday, demonstrators gathered for several May Day events across Portland. In one of the larger events, about 100 people marched and caravaned demanded justice for migrant workers. None of the dayside events were destructive.

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(13) comments

Lexx Luthor

No one can tell me if some of these 'new' black clothed devils is BLM or not! Certainly BLM 'opened the door" for the wrecking ball, anon behavior. BLM has not even put out any word of when they will try a keep their backers from going off again for another summer..... seems like they'ed really go for a redux !!!!!!

Eliza Cassan

I guess Ted lied again, 6 arrests despite 100s engaging in destroying businesses. And what protest was this, what were there demands, did they even say anything other than just start out and break windows? And why enforce the closure of public parks when these animals run wild with no distancing. Ted's soul is corrupted


Bring in the military and start using real force against these terrorists.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

What happened to Tough Talk Ted? Dude, you're STILL enabling this garbage? You let 80-100 little aye-wholes do that to your city? What an embarrassment. Why don't you take a break from planning your upcoming nuptials with Sam Adams, and try doing something for a change? Dear gawd man, all it would take would be one ac couple of nights when you finally grow a sack, and you send in the guard with water cannon mounted armored vehicles, along with german shepherds and skull crackin' batons, and that would take care of it. Ya know, I'm startin' to think that these losers aren't even antifa or other various anarchists. Whenever one wants to figure out a mystery, it normally comes down to "follow the money." So if that's the case, I'm guessing these guys all work for Discount Windows, Safe-Glas, Serv-Pro, Kennedy, and other glass and restoration companies, 'cuz in Portland, biznus be good.


Missing in story is how many were released without bail and will never be prosecuted.

Did any of the event have event permits?


This is what will ALWAYS happen when you try to appease those who try to make political change through violence and destruction. Teddy MIGHT be starting to realize that. Even worse is when those on the opposite side with a lot more guns start to feel threatened and react.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

That's never gonna happen. Most gun owners are too smart to subject themselves to prison. You see, only republicans are a danger to America..didn't you know that? Sure, just ask any democrat. For some reason, only those who protested election fraud, who occupied the capitol are getting prosecuted with extreme prejudice. Lefties..uhh..not so much. Again, it's republicans being so weak that allows this travesty and injustice.

Grand puba

Were brown wheeler and hardesty 3 of them?? Asking for Portland

Lexx Luthor

I am getting a bit MORE tired of this than I might normally get to. Don't these guys ever come up for air? You know getting their head 'out of...'? Portland is a lost soul as cities go. It, sadly, resembles those dark gothams of the "Death Wish" - Charles Bronson movie series. Series right ? Remember that. Series. Portland , Oregon is now a sad, horribleseries!!!! To. Be. Continued....


A riot in Portland? I am shocked!


Portland should stop hosting the Special Olympics every day


And they say White wing extremist are the issue. I don't see it.


Arrests made huh are they out already with the help of the VP's money for liberals protesting ?

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