PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A riot was declared and the National Guard was activated due to “widespread violence” following marches by demonstrators into downtown Portland Wednesday night. 

Law enforcement said the riot included the seizure of weapons, including a rifle, as well as hammers and fireworks, and the arrest of a suspect accused of throwing a firework at police. The thrown firework was initially reported as a Molotov Cocktail. 

By 10 p.m., law enforcement said the riot declaration had been rescinded and officers had "disengaged in an effort to de-escalate the situation." All remaining demonstrators were asked to remain peaceful by deputies.  

By 10:30 p.m., however, a remaining group downtown was declared an unlawful assembly again by law enforcement. 

The post-election rallies started with two different groups, one at the North Park Blocks and another at Revolution Hall in southeast Portland, before both marching into downtown Portland. The group that gathered on the east side blocked traffic as they crossed the Morrison Bridge. 

By 7 p.m. rioters were seen vandalizing buildings, including breaking the windows of a St. Andrea Bassett Church which helps those who are homeless, experiencing poverty, mental health issues and substance abuse. They also broke ATMs. An American flag was also set on fire in the middle of a downtown street. 

Gov. Kate Brown on Wednesday had extended her executive order creating a unified command between local law enforcement agencies, led by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office first declared an unlawful assembly downtown around 6:50 p.m. due to people damaging property. A few minutes later, the situation was declared a riot.

The National Guard was activated within minutes of the riot declaration as part of the unified command “in the interest of public safety.”

“Oregon National Guard members are civilian community members helping to protect us. We don’t take this decision lightly,” according to the sheriff’s office.

The Unified Command said there was confirmed reports of vandalism which included broken windows and graffiti. Authorities have seized hammers, spray paint and commercial-grade fireworks. The Unified Command also denied rumors of the use of an unmarked van being used to grab and arrest people. They said those arrested are being taken in marked police vehicles. Although some agencies were using unmarked vehicles to transport law enforcement. 

A man, later identified as 23-year-old William K. Beecher, was arrested after the Unified Command said he threw a firework at Portland police officers. While arresting Beecher, officers seized a loaded rifle, multiple additional magazines, more fireworks, a knife and spray paint cans. The suspect was also wearing a tactical vest with ballistic plates. 

Shortly after 9 p.m. the riot declaration was rescinded, according to a statement from law enforcement, as "the violence and criminal activity has stopped."

By 10:30 p.m., deputies said remaining rioters were "subject to use of force to include crowd control munitions and CS gas."

At about 11:15 p.m., OSP troopers stopped a vehicle without license plates that was interfering with traffic, the Unified Command said. The troopers discovered the driver, identified as Wesley C. Fant, had a handgun and arrested him on a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.

The remaining group downtown mostly dispersed by 1:30 a.m., according to the Unified Command. 

Twelve people were arrested in downtown Portland, according to the Unified Command, and the following items were recovered from arrested suspects: multiple firearms, ammunition, a knife, commercial and consumer grade fireworks, body armor and gas masks. 

The following people were booked into the Multnomah County Jail: 

  • Wyatt Dylan Scully, 19, from Portland, charged with second-degree trespass.
  • Tanner Nokoa Alcorn, 29, from Portland, charged with second-degree trespass.
  • Jason Mercury Tyler, 22, from Beaverton, charged with second-degree trespass.
  • Jarrod Deferrari, 23, from Sunrise, Florida, charged with riot, first-degree disorderly conduct, first-degree criminal mischief, sale/possession of fireworks, second-degree burglary, and second-degree attempt arson.
  • Leslie Johnson, 25, charged with second-degree trespass.
  • Ian Wyatt Harrington, 25, from Portland, charged with interfering with a peace officer and second-degree disorderly conduct.
  • James Christopher Saraceno, 49, from Portland, charged with interfering with a peace officer, second-degree disorderly conduct, reckless burning, and riot
  • Michael Tyler Ream, 38, from Portland, charged with resisting arrest, interfering with a peace officer, and second-degree disorderly conduct.
  • Ashley Schofield, 36, from Portland, charged with interfering with a peace officer, resisting arrest, and harassment.
  • William Kahl Beecher, 23, from Oregon City, charged with possession of loaded firearm, riot, and second-degree disorderly conduct.
  • Sherlock Ortiz, 23, from Portland, charged with first-degree criminal mischief.
  • Wesley C. Fant, 29, from Portland, charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

The Unified Command said no injuries were reported in the events Wednesday night and no tear gas was used. 

Copyright 2020 KPTV-KPDX Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved. 

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(17) comments

Tyrell Higgs

This is outright terrorism and Kate and Ted should be branded as 'enemy of the state'. There is no message from this rioters other than destruction. Since only 8 people out of 100s get arrested, they'll be back again and again. Ted was re-elected so nothing will change.


With so much opposition I don't know why the good people of Oregon can't put out a petition to get rid of Kate Brown!


Portland has been the joke of the country for years because of the stupid things they do. How do you weirdos like it now that they are destroying you homes and businesses? You made your bed, now you have to lay in it. Sucks doesn't it.

Oregon Dave

Toothache, you haven't a clue what you are talking about. Oregon is like every other democrat run state the big cities run the entire state. 90% of the people have no say in what happens to the entire state it is all controlled by Portland and the other liberal college towns. We had vote-by-mail jammed down our throats by exec. order about 35 years ago and haven't been able to elect a conservative since. Look at your own state before you start complaining about other states.


I think Toothache is blaming Oregonians as a whole when it isn't ALL Oregonians! We have too much liberal mentality here where I live and it's frustrating! Toothache needs to understand that when you have so many liberals in an area it's hard to get things done in a conservative way. I can't understand ANYONE supporting the way things have been done in Oregon. Brown and Wheeler...UGH!


Terrorism at it's finest. Phoenix had protests that were peaceful no arrests. But Portland has to show us how backwards they are attempting to use violence as the catalyst of change. Hopefully those arrested will spend a long time in the crossbar hotel.


Why aren't the organizers of these events being arrested or sued for the damages to private property and businesses, for the events they are organizing?


'Riot declared, National Guard activated due to ‘widespread violence’ in downtown Portland' In order to stop the rioting once and for all, authorize law enforcement to shoot to kill. the time has come to make an example, since these rioters don't seem to 'get it'.


Right? If they are stupid enough to participate or even be in the vicinity the OH WELL!!!


So, Kate Brown and Wheeler REJECTED Federal Officers and National Guard for 6 Months while our wonderful city and businesses were burned, looted, and destroyed. Yet, now at the end of the election after they have nothing political to gain or lose, they call in the Guard. Kate Brown allowed our City to be overrun, burned, and destroyed by THUGS and CRIMINALS for 6 months all for her own Political GAIN. Your city, my city, our businesses and shops were destroyed because Kate Brown didn't want to give any "win" to Trump before the election.

That is dereliction of duty and oath and borderline Tyranny.


I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND why Kate Brown wasn't booted when they took that vote to remover her from office! Guess everyone didn't get the memo! That's worth rioting over!


We were~3,000 signatures short thanks to the cancellation of state fairs and our dear leaders removing the ability to down the petitions and turn them into the chief petitioner. In other words she rigged the system in her favor.


That should have been: down load the petitions from the internet

I had drive out to Gresham from St Johns to sign one.


The site kept flipping around, no guarantee where this comment will go.

The comment:

I thought Portland was progressive, yet they are letting the National Guard come in.

I mean, people are only looting and burning on a large scale. I thought that was their right because they were entitled to express their opinions. The fact that many people, over the years, have been born, living while black, while the country is fixing it's past racial problems too slowly for them. --- I mean I thought that gave them the right to bring whites into slavery to big government (which never gets anything right). The destruction of small business, including the Gates' and Jobs' now starting up in their garages - denying future generations stuff far beyond the internet ... that must be o.k., because, after all, "white privilege" does not give them the right to invent that stuff. ---- Example of the only "fix" that force (government) can offer: Chant "race, race, race"

to pit us against each other, while raising corporate and "rich" people's taxes, in order to hand out free stuff the those who are black, poor, and/or sneak into the country, drawn by free stuff. ---- How it works (the problem with that): taxes on corporations and the rich are ALWAYS passed down to the consumer with the fewest attornies to shelter them - the poorest. I mean, they are sharp, and survivors, lest wouldn't have that wealth. So, as they OWN the government, you are just asking them to take more from the poorest, via the corporations etc. --- Government makes 2/3 of every tax dollar disappear, doing no good. Then they may "give back" 1/3 of what is taxed from you. So you are making the poor far poorer by taxing the "rich" more. Returning only 1/3 of what was taxed from them. Stupid! --- the solution:

an education system that actually teaches principles of economics, science, math, etc so jobs can stay in this country, whereas today's grads are the poorest educated of about 35 countries, so our high paying jobs just go to Asians, etc.


This is organized mayhem. The vermin were following their orders. A Molotov cocktail is a deadly weapon. I hope they are severely punished and forced to make full restitution.


Those idiots don't even need a reason..just the 'permission' from the governor and mayor and they will riot.


8 arrested? I wonder how many token arrests they'll make tonight.

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