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(KPTV) - The rivalry games between the University of Oregon Ducks and Oregon State University Beavers will no longer be referred to as the "Civil War," the universities announced on Friday.

The universities say the decision was made after mutual discussions, as well as conversations with university officials and input from current and former student-athletes from both schools.

“Today’s announcement is not only right but is a long time coming, and I wish to thank former Duck great Dennis Dixon for raising the question and being the catalyst for change,” said Oregon Director of Athletics Rob Mullens. “Thanks also to our current student-athletes for their leadership and input during this process. We must all recognize the power of words and the symbolism associated with the Civil War. This mutual decision is in the best interests of both schools, and I would like to thank Scott Barnes for his diligence as we worked through this process. We look forward to our continued and fierce in-state rivalry with Oregon State in all sports.”

"Changing this name is overdue as it represents a connection to a war fought to perpetuate slavery. While not intended as reference to the actual Civil War, OSU sports competition should not provide any misconstrued reference to this divisive episode in American history," OSU President Edward Ray said in a statement.

The decision is effective immediately. It includes all athletic competitions in the 2020-21 academic year and in the years ahead.

The 124th annual football game between the Ducks and Beavers will take place on Nov. 28 at Reser Stadium in Corvallis.

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(32) comments


'Rivalry games between Ducks, Beavers will no longer be referred to as the 'Civil War' Fine. Might as well do away with the teams colors as well. Pick one color that both teams agree on and that's it. Both teams will have the one color and and just one number, say #3. No school names or players names allowed on the jerseys or helmets. The teams would be just as generic as possible.



Just curious

So what are they going to call this battle of these two Universities? How about "Uncivil War"?

Frederick Fukov

Great..so what IS it going to be called now? Yeah..I thought so. There IS no other name to call it. What? So Dennis Dixon decides he's but hurt over the name because a cop in Minnesota screwed up and killed a career criminal..so now thousands of football fans in Oregon have to change the name of their big college rivalry game because..why? This is stupid. Dennis Dixon was a great player, but that was how many decades ago? Tell ya what Dennis; when you go to Chicago and clean up that mess..come back here and talk to us about social justice.


What a sick knee-jerk bunch of gutless, two-faced puppets.

Pity party is ending. Lock and load, folks.

Frederick Fukov

Say..you know that literally thousands of young black men have played in this game, but it wasn't until a stupid cop in Minneapolis did what he did, and somehow, that warrants the name change? Absolutely absurd.


Lets pretend that the civil-war never happened and the democrats were on the side of the CSA

Eliza Cassan

This is madness. Civil war means a war between citizens of the same country, it happened in many, many countries, it's not glorifying slavery or race. They know zero history, only what they watch on CNN. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_civil_wars

Sun Tzu

'Rivalry games between Ducks, Beavers will no longer be referred to as the 'Civil War'' Not only is this an asinine decision, but it is amazingly ridiculous as well. Just wondering if Phil Knight gave this change his blessing.


Civil War def. "a war between citizens of the same country". I guess we've figured out how to take a negative connotation from any word or phrase. We're doomed...


I cannot wait to tell my grandchildren in 40 years how racism and systematic oppression was single handedly ended when a university in oregon removed the term "civil war" from one of their games. Good job guys. Next we need to attack marvel studios and have that title struck from that one Avengers movie. Stan Lees dead anyway, no ones really gonna care. 😐

Kenny Rogers

This will surely solve racism hahahahaha


When will the madness stop? Academic types do NOT live in the real world...obviously. What is the definition of 'civil war?' Geeezzzz LOUISE!!!


La sigh.... let me get this straight. The Institution that still enforces the concept of a student athlete. Subjecting minors/teenagers to physical abuse with promises of a shot at the big time. Acting more like a meat grinder for our youth crippling them before they get their diploma thru ye old carrot/stick routine. subjecting them to thousands of hours of intense training on par with child abuse. Is pretending to be a moral authority on this issue. How our history is deluded through sci fi specials, hollywood, etc to the degree barely anyone actually knows what the Civil war was even actual fought over. Trying to take a dynamically complex issue and reducing it to a simplified concept. Stupid people drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. 700,000+ people didn't fight/die for slavery. Then explain this to me. If the Northern army was this grand noble cause to end slavery. Then explain the per capita argument?

You know when Nothern troops used African Americans as meat shields to augment his regular troops. Kind of like having a police officer take a victim hostage to force the bank robber to surrender. Let alone require a slave to serve a tour of duty to earn their freedom. Then after they served the required amount. They changed it. Saying nope 2 years isn't good enough now. Now, you need to fight till the wars over. Then with the Emancipation proclimation freeing 3.2 million slaves in the south only. AKA using slaves as weapons/tools/fodder. Yet, none in the North? Using slaves as a rapid force multiplier to destabilize their slave based economy. Let's just omit that state banks produced money and the Confederacy was making their own currency and took 40% of the nations economy with them. Along with 11 other states. Ignore the fact it was when the first republican president ever took office. Since the republican party was only 7 years old in 1861.

That as soon as a repub took office. 11 Democratic states succeeded from the union. Critteden-johnson act of 1861, Lincolns first address to the nation about having zero interest in the institutions of slavery, ignore the fact that Lincoln knowing millions of slaves now have freedom and after 700,000 Americans where slaughtered. 11 nations sacked, burned to the ground, massive amounts of debt, the green back failing, and more. Lincoln decided that at least one very good thing could at least come of all that death and blood shed. He could end slavery. Hence the gettysburge address. Since they did not end slavery till after the war. Even in the North. Seeing the North or South as good vs bad. Is such a poor shallow view of reality. It was a catch-22. Choose your lesser evil. Slavery existed world wide for centuries. Yet, to look back now a days with our current mentality knowing what happens 150 years after that in detail. is a reflection on how you are an ignorant nudnik. How the information age turned into the misinformation age. Cause when people are faced with a proliferation of information. They tend to stick with their own biases.

Just curious

[smile][scared]You're a real great story teller![innocent]


Move to Canada if America offends you. I thought you all were moving there anyways since Trump was elected.



No Place Like Home

There will be no end to the ridiculousness and one day people will not have names or even talk to or even look at each other as to not offend anyone. There is an old movie called the time machine and I think they nailed the future.

Frederick Fukov

It's like the movie Demolition Man..and how completely neutered the "San Angeles" Police Dept is depicted.


What are the PC correct liberals going to call the real civil war that is about to happen?



Sign today!

Sun Tzu

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Sign it.

Frederick Fukov

Oh geezus H..does Dixon even live in Oregon any more? Doubtful. PC has gone off the deep end. Everyone knows that Civil War means when it comes to Oregon v Oregon State..and guess what? Everyone else who hasn't lost their mind, and hasn't lost their sense of humor, and hasn't lost their common sense, and hasn't lost their idea of reality, is STILL going to call it the Civil War.

Furthermore, I'm so sick of everyone on the left now, especially the cowards who have let the radical left take over their party, that the US needs to have an Un-Civil War, between the conservatives and the liberals. It's it's physical, I'm definitely putting my money on the conservatives.


The civil thing to do would be to let the whole state vote on the new name. They are, after all, State Universities. Personally, I like the "Game of the Drones" :)

Frederick Fukov

Well, the majority of the state voted for capital punishment, and the don't let us do that either. Why? Because of Cylvia Hayes' human hand puppet, and Kate Brown.


Reductio ad absurdum.

For everything we rename or replace, there will be someone who is offended and want to change it.

This particular 'Civil War' is between the Beavs and the Ducks; not between black and white, north and south, etc.

Just curious

[thumbup]Too bad the stupid people in these Academic institutions don't understand English..


This is amongst the STUPIDIEST that I've heard so far. This has got to be a joke? The term Civil War has NOTHING to do with slavery


If it did, the American Civil War was fought and WON to free the slaves and abolish slavery for ever more... it should be a proud thing. There should be an IQ test for the people in power - because these people are dumber than a box of hair.


Well put, NWAmerican!


PC police have struck again !!! Anyone who was effected negatively by calling the competition between the two schools the "civil war" has more problems with their mental health then the changing of the competition known as the "civil war" will correct. There really is a lot of mental illness out there with the Democrat liberal nuts !!!


How stupid is this. It's like they are just trying to find stuff that needs 'fixing. "


LOL, moronic academics at work.

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