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SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Office of the State Fire Marshal’s temporary rules change allowing Oregon gas retailers to provide self-service on a voluntary basis ends at midnight, May 23.

Starting May 24, attendants will again be providing service at gas stations in Oregon where self-service is not allowed. Self-service is allowed in some coastal counties and in eastern and central Oregon.

The temporary rule change was implemented to address worker shortages at stations statewide because of COVID-19.

“We want to thank Oregonians and the many Oregon businesses who provide gasoline for their patience as we allowed for voluntary self-service at Oregon gas stations where that service had not been available before,” said State Fire Marshal Jim Walker.

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YAY!!! I hate pumping my own gas I'm doing my happy dance.[beam]


Gas is sky high on the west coast no matter if the station is self serve or not. Gas tax's per gallon are among the highest in the country and that won't change. Also, it shows just how dumb our liberal leaders are. If a hundred cars get gas each day and a hundred different people handle the nozzle versus one attendant, it's common sense that the fewer people the safer. But, as we all know, common sense isn't required if you are a liberal.

Sun Tzu

The reason I like self serv is because you can 'top off' your tank after the nozzle clicks off.

Sun Tzu

'The temporary rule change was implemented to address worker shortages at stations statewide because of COVID-19' Worker shortages? Not where I get gas. it's the same lackadaisical service as before the 'plandemic'.

Pumping gas, just like flipping a burger, is an entry level job, never meant to be a career.

Sun Tzu

'Rule allowing self-serve gasoline in Oregon ends Saturday' Self serv should have been made permanent like the other 48 states do (New Jersey does not count).

So why is it you self serv at Wild Horse and Spirit Mountain casinos?


Back to the nanny state!

Native Born

Good! I hate self service! The last time I filled up my truck & containers for my farm equipment I forgot to print out the receipt! When filling multiple containers + truck it takes much more time.


@native... so what you're saying is you're not able to pump and print? Yeah.. I guess that would present a challenge to some.. Let me help. Squeeze handle up - push button down. You are welcome NB!

Sun Tzu

Hate self serv? Then don't use it. Use the 'mini serv' lanes and get out of the way of the people who want to do it themselves.


Life must be difficult for you. It doesn't take a lot of intelligence or skill to pump your own gas.


Worker shortage? The gas stations I go to have operated exactly as they always do.

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