Powell Butte

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating a possible cougar sighting at Powell Butte this week.

Christine Hayden says she’s surprised by what she saw while visiting the popular southeast Portland park with her dog and says it has definitely made her more aware of safety.

Hayden says she was out for a run with her dog at Powell Butte, like she does most mornings. But this time, Hayden’s adrenaline kicked in to the max.

“Once I saw it hit the trail and jump off the trail and just pause, I realized it was a cougar,” Hayden said. “I just knew I had to get out of there.”

Hayden says the cougar wasn’t looking in her direction, but she didn’t stick around to see if the animal saw her. Hayden says she is shocked that she came so close to a possible cougar.

“I’m up here all the time, and occasionally I see deer, and I see a coyote, I just never believed there were cougars up here,” Hayden said.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says since Hayden’s possible sighting, there have been cameras installed around the park to check for activity, but so far, there have been no confirmed sightings.

Powell Butte is known for wildlife. Just this June, there was another report of a cougar at the park.

Hayden is sharing her story so everyone stays safe and says it has made her more aware of what she might encounter at the park.

“I’m going to carry a whistle, and I’ll have my pepper spray and always have my dog with me,” Hayden said. “But yeah, I’m definitely going to keep my head up.”

If you ever find yourself up close to a cougar, officials say to stop, stay calm, and make yourself as large as possible. They say you should wave your arms, act aggressive, and yell. If a cougar attacks, fight back.

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Since they quit hunting them with dogs some years back there has been a population explosion of big cats in the PAC NW. Living up here in rural North Clark Co. WA sightings have be come increasingly common so it's no surprise to me that they are getting into more populated areas . I was hiking the upper Lewis river with my kids and grandkids last month from Lower Falls,my son and I both had large hand guns open carried and we got some aghast looks from other hikers whom I would guess were out here from the city. Well folks it's the NW there are large predators here including bears big cats and even wolves,they don't all live at the zoo.


This is odd. I've lived in immediate area for nearly two decades and have only seen many, many coyotes but no cats. I'm thinking something is up with this


If you see a Cougar stop and don't run. They will not bother you if you stop or walk slow. If you run they will take chase! There has been nobody killed by one unless you run. Have a tree farm and they are everywhere. Do not bother Hikers at all. Might follow a ways and sniff your trail!


Exactly when did this happen?

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

It says "this week" but that as good as it gets with Reed College interns.

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