(KPTV) – Gov. Kate Brown recently announced broad protections for renters during the COVID-19 health crisis, but some people are finding that those protections don’t cover everyone.

John Gould, of Bend, says he will have to find a new place to live at a really difficult time. He says since it’s not technically an eviction, there isn’t much he can do.

He says he received the notice of termination in the mail on March 16.

He has to be out of his apartment by the end of May, which is right around the time he’ll be taking finals for nursing school.

He’s also a full-time dad with a 9-year-old daughter, and says raising the money for a deposit on a new place will be challenging. He says he thinks the state should do more to protect renters during this period.

“Yeah, I think that the state should kind of protect everyone that’s in a position where, if you want us to stay at home, then we have to be protected from being kicked out of our homes,” Gould said.

FOX 12 spoke with the property owner over the phone. She said this was a normal business decision, although she wouldn’t say why the lease wasn’t renewed. She said she gave twice the required notice as a courtesy.

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Frederick Fukov

To those who are acting fairly heartlessly to the man in question, what "choices come with consequences" did he apparently make that caused this situation? Where is any mention that he hadn't been paying rent? There are no additional details, other than the owner of the property decided to not renew the rental agreement. Reading between the lines, they likely have a renter who is willing to pay more than the man can afford. In the meantime, you have a father, raising a daughter on his own. Where's the mother in this situation? He's going to school, obviously to better his situation. Sounds to me like he just needs a little bit of help temporarily until he transitions from school to a better job. I don't see this guy whining about getting a bunch of free stuff. I see him being frustrated because he at a crossroad in his life, and probably just needs to catch a break. I admit I have a tendency to pile on a lot of the folks who are featured in this stories, but I'm not willing to jump on the "he's a deadbeat human being" without being provided more information than is contained in this story. In fact, if I talked with the guy, and his story sounded legit about this just being a case of bad timing..and the Chinese ---- you flu, I'd be willing to offer the guy my impending $1200.00 check that I don't really need..not nearly as much as he does, as an interest free loan until he gets through school and finds a good job. Geezus people..stop harshing so much.


Why should the state be involved at all? This is no ones problem but his and the landlord was generous enough to give him two months. Stop crying to the news and complaining because life isn't easy and you want someone to babysit you.


Bend has been taken over by California liberals who are willing to pay through the nose for housing. This drives up the prices. If he wants to get a better deal, he has to find a place where the California invasion hasn't happened yet. Most likely that will not be in Oregon or Washington, so that means moving to an area where the liberals are not in control, which is not where he wants to be.


I feel for this guy but fact is choices come with consequences. Because his past choices put him in this vulnerable position does not means landlords ought to be responsible for bailing him out. BTW - the constitution does not give the government authority to steal from landlords by slow-walking the legal process for evictions. That is called "taking provate property without just compensation."


No doubt a Bernie Voter. What else should the STATE provide you? I'll answer that for you.. I believe this would be the list.

1st list: Free Housing, Money, Healthcare, Food, Child-care. 2nd list: Recreational Drugs, Recreational Activities. 3rd list: Oops. We have to cancel lists 1 & 2. The STATE is out of funds.

Husky Loyalist

So, this article says nothing about why he is being "kicked". I am sure it came out of the blue and nothing to do with not paying rent for some time. Now, he wants the state to bail him out for probably bad decisions on his part. Article is a bias, propaganda piece for not giving the whole story - just the tear jerking hit points.

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