SALEM, OR (KPTV) – A Salem salon plans on defying the governor’s coronavirus orders, by reopening for business. 

The owner says, despite Oregon’s stay-at-home order, she desperately needs to pay her bills and provide for her family.

Lindsey Graham owns Glamour Salon. She plans to open Tuesday morning with a few other stylists offering some services by appointment only.

She says she understands the potential legal consequences and is ready to face them, but that for the sake of her family, she needs to get this place up and running again.

“I’m risking going to jail to do it. That’s how important it is to my family,” Graham said.

Those are strong words from the salon owner, but she says that’s what it’s come to.

Her chairs have sat empty for more than a month since Gov. Kate Brown’s “Stay Home, Save Lives” order.

“I still do not know when I will be able to come back to work and at this point, I’m deciding that it’s more important for me to feed my family and pay the bills that are going to keep our home and our family alive than take the risk to remain being shut down for an undisclosed amount of time,” Graham said.

She says this is one of six businesses she and her husband own. All of them were forced to close.

Graham says they still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in rent on them and have received very little government assistance.

“So the longer we sit by and don’t work and don’t have an income, the worse our financial position becomes and I can’t see it getting any worse without us having to consider losing some of our businesses, incurring more costs or filing bankruptcy,” she said.

The governor’s order explicitly prohibits the operation of businesses in which close personal contact is difficult or impossible to avoid, including barber shops and hair salons.

When the governor signed the order, she said businesses that don’t comply would be shut down and those in defiance could face a Class C misdemeanor, spend up to 30 days in jail, face a $1,250 fine, or both.

Graham says those possibilities are terrifying but she’s willing to face them.

“It has to be worth it. I mean, I’m doing it. I’m doing it despite being threatened with losing my entire livelihood. I’ve been a hair stylist for 15 years. I’ve provided for my family exclusively as a hair stylist for 15 years and now it’s illegal to do hair, it’s illegal to make money, and yet that’s how desperate I am. I have to,” she said.

Graham says she’s hiring a lawyer. She also says she’ll be deep cleaning the salon and staff will wear masks and gloves.

FOX 12 also spoke with the owner of a nail salon called Nails by Luona, also in Salem. She says she reopened last week and is working on her own by appointment only. She says she made the decision to start making money again and because she believes it’s her constitutional right. 

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(20) comments


boy, there sure is a lot of white trash in oregon


I think this is less about a business owner actually wanting to work knowing that there is a chance of contributing to the pandemic or going to jail, and more about the fact that government assistance to help pay for rent and day to day necessities is not coming quickly enough. A day late and a dollar short comes to mind. There are some great small business loans that she could qualify for that would have held her over if she had applied and and been approved that are completely forgiven if payroll output stays consistent. I would be interested in knowing what steps she took in this regard.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

It appears you're not even keeping up with the liberal media outlets. The WSJ reports that at least 13 publicly traded companies have received PPP loans and are giving them back like Shake Shack.

CNBC reached out to the 41 biggest publicly traded companies that had received PPP loans to see if they would be returning the funds in light of the Treasury Department’s new guidelines. Six affirmed that they had no plans to return the funds, five said they will (or had) returned the money while 30 either did not respond or said their decision was pending. So you can kind of understand why funds ran out in just 14 days and why a small business owner would find it hard to get one. If there's a second round, those who had applied in the first round and were not funded already have their applications at the banks. Don't hate on her because she's resisting ANTIFA queen Korruption pay-to-play Kate Brownshirt's tyranny and over-reach. This isn't a "medical emergency", it's a political one.


I would worry less about being fined, and more about losing your license to do business. I don't put that past this state regime.


Thank you!! I need a haircut & will be calling to make an appt! Quarantine-ing the sick is socially responsible, impeding the movement of the healthy is tyranny.


Kudos, Lindsay! I hope others will now follow your example and open, too. This idiocy has gone on long enough. And I don't think you need to worry too much about consequences. How are they going to justify throwing a poor woman in jail or suing just because she is trying to make a living? The fallout would not be pretty. So the rest of you salon owners, open up, and let's take back our state.


Good for her! More businesses will follow. This is America. If you're scared, continue stay home. If you're not scared, get back to life. Rise up people!

Sun Tzu



I'm with you PB I need a haircut badly and who knows when hair salons will be open again here in Portland,more and more small businesses are going to have no other choice but to re-open to keep from going under.


Stupid and ugly. What a combination!


If dentists can reopen, then why not shops like these? A dentist gets a lot more personal than a hair dresser or barber. Because this has become the democrat's new plan to get rid of Trump, even if it destroys our country. But, that's what you expect from bottom feeder liberals.

Frederick Fukov

No kidding. That's how sick they are.


The problem is, if she opens and someone gets sick, she will leave herself open to be sued since she is currently breaking laws to operate. Is it really worth the $20 haircut for that? Marion county has alot of COVID patients...she is really taking a risk. If this were in other small counties than I would say go for it...but not there.

Frederick Fukov

$20 haircut? What planet are you living on? The average ringout in this place is probably around $75..minimum.

Delta Bravo

All she has to do is claim sanctuary status. If you are a sanctuary hair salon, you only need to obey the laws you like.

Sun Tzu

'Salem salon owner plans to reopen her business against governor's coronavirus orders' Good for you, go for it. We all know at this point that Queen Kate's coronavirus order is not based on 'science and data', but is based purely on politics. I wish you luck, do not let Queen Kate's thugs intimidate you. [thumbup]


GOOD FOR HER! [thumbup][thumbup]

Frederick Fukov

No..good for HAIR!


I wish her the best of luck. I hope that Katie's stays off her back. These people need to be able to get back to work .[thumbup]

pb sir

If you do men's hair, also, I will gladly drive to Salem all the way from Gresham and be your customer! This is getting ridiculous...can't get a haircut anywhere...

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