SALEM, OR (KPTV) – The owner of Glamour Salon in Salem, Lindsey Graham, announced Friday she was issued a $14,000 citation by Oregon OSHA.

Last week, she reopened her business against Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order. Stylists at the salon have continued to cut people’s hair.

On Thursday, Marion County was denied approval to reopen after applying for phase one, which would have taken effect Friday.

“Everyone’s job is essential, not because what we do or how we do it, but because it’s how we make our living,” said Lindsey Graham, the owner of Glamour Salon. “I have independent contractors that are choosing to work in this facility. OSHA has illegally deemed them employees and is citing me as an employer, which I am not.”

Though the Oregon OSHA Administrator Michael Wood could not confirm to FOX 12 a fine had been issued, because the salon owner and her lawyer haven’t officially informed the agency they’ve received the citation, he does say the agency frequently encounters employers who believe the people working for them are independent contractors. He said it may even be in written in a worker’s contract.

Salem salon owner says Oregon OSHA issues $14,000 citation; says she'll stay open

Before issuing a fine, Wood says Oregon OSHA assesses the nature of the work relationship like whether workers advertise on their own or control their own hours. They even look at how the work is described informally, and if there’s a dress code.

Additionally, a willful violation which Graham’s case would be, automatically sets the minimum penalty at $8,900 according to Wood, with a range all the way up to about $126,000. It’s based on the size of the employer and the level of risk they or their employee’s activities have generated.

In regard to Graham’s case specifically, Oregon OSHA officials say she is “unquestionably operating in violation of the governor’s executive order, designed to protect workers and the public.”

They also say their inspection of Glamour Salon found at least some workers there would qualify as employees.

“I’m vowing to stay open as long as I can, basically, until the governor tries to take my entire career, something I’ve worked 15 years for, out from underneath me,” said Graham.

Graham also said Friday, Child Protective Services came to her home last week and interviewed her and her family members.

She believes it’s a political response and says it’s a false claim.

FOX 12 reached out to the Oregon Department of Human Services, and while officials can’t confirm an open case or allegations against Graham, Jake Sunderland, the press secretary in the communications office did issue this statement:

“Due to confidentiality laws, we cannot comment on whether or not there is an open CPS assessment against any individual. I want to stress however, that not following Governor Brown’s Stay Home, Save Lives executive order or not following physical distancing guidelines would never be a reason to assign a CPS assessment.”

Sunderland also said any reports of suspected abuse or neglect are screened and then if they see a need, case workers will visit a family to do a safety assessment.

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(13) comments


Haha oh the irony. No one's adhering to Kate Browns ridiculous unconstitutional regulations NOW, are they? But who cares about a pandemic when riots are happening all over the country? Very interesting.... Wouldn't you agree.


A big bunch of corrupt bullies and thieves. I hope the President is watching this. Someone outside of Oregon has got to stop the corruption that is going on. Then more bullies come to her home to harm her. We must stand up and stop these people from the corrupted powers. The government is suppose to be working for the citizens not the other way around.


Oh lovely now CSD has climbed aboard the libtard sideshow circus train....figures.


What a bunch of thugs! The government's true colors are showing. They are drunk on power and could care less about people that just want to help their families.


I've also heard Kate Brown has sent Child Protective Services after this poor woman and her family!

Is this true?!?!


Abuse of Power. It's just that simple and Kate Brown has engaged in it. Disgusting! Corrupt!


It's time to break out the torches and pitchforks to go after brownshirt.

pb sir

I will contribute to her Legal Defense Fund.


The trash needs to be taken out of these Western Democrat run States. The governors of the three States, Washington, Oregon, and California are the trash. Until we get rid of these 3 want-a-be dictators, our economy will drop further and further in the hole.


You have a place in Job site workers safety OSHA, construction, heavy equipment, and the like. Your place is not to interpret labor laws in a Beauty Salon. Over-reaching Idiots. Warm the tar, get the feathers.


Fox 12 should provide a link to defy OSHA and help pay these draconian fines.


Just do a search on Go Fund Me, there's currently two pages awaiting donations to help her stand up to Queen Kate's illegal power grabs.


Oregon OSHA is nothing but a extortion ring!

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