Sandy police investigating 18 reports of vehicle break-ins

(KPTV/John Hendricks)

Sandy police say they are investigating a series of vehicle break-ins on the southeast side of the city.

Police say between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning they received 18 reports of vehicle break-ins. Many of them happened in the area of Antler Avenue.

Sandy Police say two firearms, a credit card and a car were stolen. The car was later found abandoned in the Damascus area.

“Sandy is a small community, so we are pretty tight knit,” said one woman who had her car broken into. “We hadn’t had any break-ins in over 10 years.”

The woman’s neighbor, Jason Hoygaard, says the thieves got away with his pistol.

“To hear this happening is unreal,” Hoygaard said.

Hoygaard says the didn’t noticed that someone had broken in right away.

“They had trashed everything,” Hoygaard said. “Left the glove box open and pulled all the paper work out trashed it all around and stuff.”

A handgun Hoygaard kept locked inside was taken in a matter of minutes.

“Otherwise it ends up by the nightstand or something and I don’t want the kids to play with it or anything so I usually leave it in the truck so no one can get to it,” Hoygaard said.

Other folks in the neighborhood say this is extremely unusual and it comes are a reminder to lock your car doors and to not leave valuables inside your vehicle.

“I hope they catch ‘em. I hope they catch them fast and nobody gets hurt beforehand,” Hoygaard said.

A detective is investigating the possible use of a credit card stolen out of one of the victim's vehicles.

Police also say in the area it is rare for thieves to break windows or otherwise damage vehicles in order to steal items from inside.

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