Search and rescue teams from across several northern Oregon counties will resume their search Sunday morning for a missing Portland woman.

Saturday crews looked by air and by ground for Anna Schmidt, 21. They say the steep muddy terrain was tricky to deal with as they scoured an area near the Tooth Rock Trailhead in the Columbia River Gorge.

“I believe she is out there and we will find her,” Schmidt’s mother said. “I really think we are going to need to find her and we are gonna have to help her because if she could walk she would be out.”

Some 50 members from several county search and rescue teams were on the ground. Members of the LDS church which Schmidt is a member of set up a search as well with 160 people walking the trails.

Searchers are using every tool they have from dogs to airplanes to drones. Mountain Wave Search and Rescue flew their drone Saturday in hopes of finding some clues in the rugged terrain south of Bonneville Dam.

Here is the drone searchers are using to look for #AnnaSchmidt in the Gorge. #Missing #Oregon— John Hendricks (@JohnKPTV) October 22, 2016

“She’s very tough, great hiker, strong, I think she is injured,” Schmidt said.

The 21-year old was last seen by her roommate on October 16th and was reported missing three says later.

“We are so grateful to everyone that has given up their time and sacrifice, as a parent it is impossible, impossible to express the gratitude that we feel,” Schmidt said.

Family is optimistic she will be found. There are 50 SAR members and close to 160 volunteers on the trails today.— John Hendricks (@JohnKPTV) October 22, 2016


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