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BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) - While the Beaverton School District has a plan in place for some hybrid learning in the spring, prep athletes are still in limbo on how their delayed sports seasons may look.

In this Senior Spotlight, FOX 12 highlights a Southridge High School senior who will soon reunite with her sister on the next level.

"I feel really lucky that my future is planned out for me. I am all set to go to college to play basketball. I know a lot of people in my class are really struggling with the uncertainty of, ‘will college coaches be able to see me play this season?'" Maya Hoff said.

Hoff may not know if or when she'll ever suit up again for the Skyhawks but the hooper will be soaring to college for next season with Seattle Pacific University.

"It was definitely just a big weight lifted off my shoulders with my commitment," she said.

It'll be sister, sister in the Emerald City as Hoff will join her big sister Natalie at SPU.

"My sister was a big reason why I chose the school, it’s not the only part but a big part," said Hoff.

The Hoff girls last played together in 2018 with their dad on the bench as a Skyhawk assistant when Southridge High School won it all - 6A champs in back-to-back years.

"My freshman year was probably one of my favorite basketball seasons ever," Hoff said.

From all to nothing.

"What I have been telling myself these past few months is, 'you’ve got to keep going,' and there are a lot of people right now that have it worse than I do. All of the frontline workers," she said.

Missing buckets and her buddies.

"A big part of why I play basketball is for my teammates," Hoff said. "It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to succeed with them."

Hoff has basketball in her blood. She traveled the globe in her youth while her dad was a pro - Mustapha Hoff is an Oregon State Beavers alum from the early 90s.

"I went to South Korea, Germany and France but my mom and him went to Australia, Taiwan," she said.

Hoff moved to Beaverton, her mom's hometown, when she was six.

"I remember weird things like trying to go to the Eiffel Tower. Just remember weird things about places that we lived, the bakeries that we went to but that’s about it. I don’t remember much," Hoff said.

A lot has happened over the past year. Hoff and her generation being able to adapt to it all is certainly a strength.

"Our generation is very special. We’ve gone through a lot of different things that we didn’t expect, and we’ve been able to bounce back and there are so many people that are making a difference at my age that you don’t always see," she said. "This obviously is not an ideal senior year but it’s the way that we fight back and the way that we handle it and how we go about it really shows our character."

The kids aren't asking for much but a little goes a long way.

"I really want a senior night. If we just get a senior night and call it good, I’d be happy with that," Hoff said.

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