PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - National Signing Day was last Wednesday, but a football player from Portland is already on to the next chapter in his college career.

"We just thought moving up to the mainland would be a better living opportunity and better opportunities in general," Pat Hisatake said.

Hisatake is just a kid from the island who has taken every opportunity given and made his way to the Bay to play for Oregon Duck alum Justin Wilcox and the California Golden Bears.

Pat Hisatake

Image provided to KPTV.

"It's the best moment, the best time in my life, honestly," he said.

The class of 2021 Westview High senior linebacker wrapped up his studies in Rock Creek and enrolled early in Berkeley.

"Just getting your body right, into college shape, basically a couple of months early," Hisatake said.

When asked how he felt about not having a final run through with his buddies at Westview, he said.

"So disappointing, I knew that we would have been able to go really far, even win state, I believe, honestly. It's been a bummer because we really built that bond," Hisatake said. "It really sucks that I couldn't finish it out with them."

Born in American Samoa and raised in Hawaii, Hisatake and his family moved to Happy Valley, where he attended Clackamas High for his sophomore year.

"Just growing up on that tough love, I wouldn't have gotten here without my family and the way they raised me, so I give it all to them," he said.

In the past year, the Hisatake's went west down Sunset Highway, but he never saw a senior season with the Wildcats.

"Be consistent, be productive is the biggest thing over the past 11 months, just seeing how the world has changed," Hisatake said. "You can either better yourself or actually be the same."

FOX 12 asked what it was like to live in the dorms, he said:

"It's really crazy out here, too, with all of the protocols for COVID. We get tested two to three times a week, mandatory," Hisatake said.

Undeclared now, he is interested in business and psychology.

"Growing up, I envisioned this for me playing at a high level in college and going to such a prestigious education school, Cal-Berkeley, I am just grateful," Hisatake said.

Here's to hoping Strawberry Canyon and Tightwad Hill can be back to some kind of normal for the 2021 PAC-12 campaign come the fall.

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