NORTH PLAINS, OR (KPTV) – The body believed to be Allyson Watterson was found in a rural area of North Plains, according to Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were called to the 15800 block of Northwest Corey Road in unincorporated area of North Plains just before 5 p.m. Saturday where a property owner was clearing brush when they discovered what they believe were human remains.

Based on the location of the remains and evidence found at the scene, detectives suspect the remains are those of Allyson Watterson, deputies said.

On Sunday, the sheriff’s office search and rescue team and detectives were in the area looking for evidence.

“They’re on hands and knees, shoulder-to-shoulder going through thick blackberries and that kind of stuff,” said Deputy Tony Morris, search and rescue coordinator with the sheriff’s office. “When we end up out here on these kinds of things, we’re going to do our utmost best to not miss anything so that if it does go to a criminal investigation, we’re completely prepared for it.”

This is in the same area where some of Watterson’s belongings were found earlier this month.

Watterson was last seen with her boyfriend, Benjamin Hunter Garland, on December 22, 2019 in a wooded area in North Plains, but wasn’t reported missing until a day later by Garland.

Deputies originally said the pair had been hiking, but Watterson’s mother says they had been visiting friends in the area and the boyfriend’s truck broke down. She says when they went looking for help, they got separated and Watterson went missing.

Deputies later said they recovered a stolen truck in the area, and they arrested Garland, on charges related to that truck, as well as other unrelated outstanding warrants.

“This area did have searches in it, but as thick as it is, the type of searching we’re doing is we’re going through and looking for obvious signs that somebody has gone into any type of thick area, so we’re pretty much between two areas that we did that in,” Morris said.

Now, missing posters are covered with new signs saying, “fly with the angels.”

Investigators say they’ll be following leads based on what’s found here to determine the circumstances around Watterson’s death.

“No one likes to wonder what happened or what you missed, especially being in law enforcement, you always kind of second guess those things, so good that we can at least bring closure in the sense that her family won’t be wondering where she is,” said Deputy Shannon Wilde.

Watterson’s family is asking for privacy right now, but her aunt Billy Macy sent FOX 12 a message to share, saying, “Our family is deeply heartbroken. And the only person that can comfort us is no longer here. I could’ve never anticipated the pain of losing her forever. This is not closure. We are thankful throughout the communities throughout the country for the unwavering support. It is difficult to know where to go from here.”

The Washington County Medical Examiner’s Office will be the one to officially identify the remains.    

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(7) comments


Saying to watch who your daughter dates doesn't do much good either. Just because you tell her he's not good doesn't mean she won't be with him. Its sad but true! My daughter was with a man that made me fear for her life at times but she "loved" him and nothing I could do or say would change her mind. Even in Allyson's case, her mother said she had broken up with Ben the week before and told her mom she was going to be with a girl friend that night she left, next day mom found out she was with the Ben guy.

So sadly we moms can't stop our adult daughters from dating men who aren't safe.

Its a very sad story but I'm sure the bf has something to do with it.

I just pray they will be able to figure something out.

From the sound of what witnesses said about her, I'm thinking they were both using drugs and perhaps there was an overdose and he got scared and his the body ...but he is the only one who knows the real truth nd the fact that he not his family will talk to police or investigaters makes him look even more guilty!


They had better do an autopsy to see what the cause of death. Probably blunt force trauma. I would bet that her meth addict boyfriend had something to do with it also. The story sounds like a lot of bull. Anyway, watch who your daughter dates and help them if it looks like a bad relationship.

Frederick Fukov

I have a son. So would you suggest I warn other families and their daughters?


Thank you, people whom assume every white orevery male is the's take into account all the cheating lying thieving head game playing woman...hmm meth...

Frederick Fukov

So..several theories here. One, the most obvious is that her criminal boyfriend did it. Two, that she went off by herself and committed suicide, but that wouldn't explain the body being found in very think brush, unless Three; she was dragged by a cougar into the brush. There's also the possibility that she separated from her b/f, tried to hitch-hike, got picked up by some creep, assaulted, and disposed to cover up the crime. I'm still going with the boyfriend theory.

Just curious

[crying]6 months out! How can the coroner find out how or what took her life?


A parent's nightmare. May she R.I.P. and somehow may her family have comfort that she's been found.

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