PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A man is recovering at home after he says his roommate’s gun discharged and the bullet struck him in the neck, causing multiple injuries.

Angle Carter, of Southeast Yamhill Street, says he was shot Tuesday afternoon in his apartment doorway while returning inside from smoking a cigarette.

“I saw the flash, I saw the actual gun powder spray backwards towards the gun and it just was all so slow and scary honestly,” Carter said just hours after being released from the hospital Thursday.

The bullet, Carter said, came from a gun in the hands of his roommate. It was being cleaned when it discharged, Carter said.

 “The slide slid out of his hand, and the pin hit the bullet just right, and it went in me and out the back,” Carter said.

Carter said in the moments after the shooting, he wasn’t sure if he was going to live or die.

“I’m sitting there on the floor like, ‘someone bring me a towel and put pressure on it!’ Pressure helps stop bleeding,” Carter said.

Paramedics arrived quickly and rushed Carter to the hospital. Portland Police also launched an immediate investigation.

Carter said officers asked him if he wanted to press charges against his friend and roommate, but Carter said he is placing blame on the weapon.

“It’s not the owner’s fault I feel,” he said. “The gun just happened to misfire at the wrong time and I happened to be in the wrong place.”

Exactly where Carter had been standing, however, may have saved his life. The bullet missed a main artery by just 3 centimeters, he said doctors told him.

Carter says the bullet entered through his neck, ricocheted off a vertebrae, and broke two ribs before exiting out his backside. Despite being released from the hospital, he still must wear a bandage on his neck and a sling for his right arm, which doctors believe may have suffered permanent partial nerve damage, Carter said.

After the shooting, Portland Police issued a press release encouraging gun owners to handle them safely. The Bureau’s tips included encouraging owners to always treat guns as if they were loaded, keeping fingers off the trigger and pointed away from people, and to always ensure what’s in front of and behind a target.

Carter says he hopes gun owners will take extra precautions after hearing his story.

“If you’re new to guns or if you’ve owned guns your entire life, you should always practice safety,” he said. “And make sure that when you clean your firearm or use your firearm, it’s in a proper, safe and controlled environment.”

Carter’s roommate, who did not want to be identified, has not been arrested or charged following the shooting. Police say the incident is now being reviewed by the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

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(8) comments


Carter is clueless. It was his roommate's fault, not the gun. His roommate failed to properly clear and handle the gun before cleaning it. Major violation of safe gun handling rules.

The guy also pointed the muzzle end of his gun in the direction of another person which violates gun handling rule #1: Never point your gun, empty or loaded, at a target you don't intend to shoot.

Another gun rule is to always handle a gun like its loaded. Carter's roommate violated all of these rules and, therefore is an irresponsible gun owner and is totally at fault for shooting his friend.

Just curious

Sure sounds like Carter would be smart to buy a bullet proof vest . pants and head gear.


Only a complete idiot cleans a loaded gun.


No, it's NEVER the fault of the idiot handling the gun. So many other things to blame...the gun, the makers of the gun, the NRA, Trump, the Taxpayer, or the Russians.


This sounds like some anti gunner trying to make something up to blame the gun and not the person who was handling it !!!


Anyone that is new to handling guns needs to take a gun safety course. The terrorist group called the NRA offers them. Evil as they are.. they will teach you not to attempt to clean a weapon while it's loaded. They will also teach you to ALWAYS treat a weapon as if it's loaded - and to not point it at anything you don't want to kill. Really pretty simple stuff to learn.. even the simple can learn it.

Alexander Marinesko

Cleaning a loaded weapon!...........


[thumbdown]Remember back in the old days (if there ever was such a thing) when people were like....you know.....not stupid? His roommate owned the firearm. His roommate was cleaning the firearm. His ROOMMATE was the idiot who didn't clear the firearm prior to cleaning it! His ROOMMATE was the one responsible.

How can this, or any other fool blame an inanimate object for what happened? If this moron dropped a hammer on his foot, he'd probably blame the hammer!

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