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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Shots were fired from a car in the middle of protesters in downtown Portland.

Police said the driver turned onto Southwest Main Street in the area of a crowd during a demonstration downtown at 1:15 a.m. Thursday. The driver then attempted to turn around, going the wrong direction.

Protesters and the people in the vehicle began to “engage” with each other, according to investigators, and several shots were fired from the vehicle.

The car then left the scene.

Police said the shots were fired into the air and not directly at any people. There were no reports of injuries.

Officers in the area attempted to locate the vehicle, but it was not found.

The Portland Police Bureau stated that, “Due to the demonstration, officers were unable to canvass the area for evidence until later. No evidence was recovered from the scene.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the non-emergency police line at 503-823-3333. A description of the car was not released. 

Anyone who sees a gun crime in progress should call 911.

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So, this isn't a good trend to be going down people.... If law enforcement doesn't start acting like it the people will get bolder and bolder meaning drives bys shootings will be the norm and soon all chaos will run this city daily! It's time some adults took back the streets instead of letting chaos run wild. Where are the so called leaders?


What crime was committed? A gang of people threatened the occupants of a vehicle with malicious intent of bodily harm and destruction of property. What is a person supposed to do? Allow themselves and their occupants to be burials bear and HOPE that the rioters stop before they die?

BS, you have the right and duty to protect yourself. PERIOD


Well said! The second amendment is as much our right, as rioters (er, I mean, protestors) have the right to "peacefully" assemble. If the police can't, or won't, protect its citizens, we WILL protect ourselves. Note to the anarchists in skinny jeans: don't bring a knife to a gunfight, because you WILL get hurt.


So, if he did shoot one or more of these domestic terrorists, does he get a reward?

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