A Chihuahua is recovering after its owners said it was nearly killed by a cougar outside of their Canby home earlier this month.

Marilyn and Ed Rentz said their three-year-old dog, 'Twinkie,' was attacked when they let her go outside around midnight to go to the bathroom.

Ed Rentz said the dog must have seen the cougar in the yard because she started barking and running into the dark. He said it became clear that Twinkie was in danger when he heard her yapping and crying as something was quickly carrying her away.

Eventually, the animal dropped Twinkie off in a nearby field where Ed Rentz found his dog torn and bleeding.

“I took her from him and brought her in and I was crying. I sat in my chair and cried and talked to her, and she rolled her eyes over at me, Marilyn Rentz said. “He came through the door, and I said ‘She’s still alive’ -- so we rushed her to Tualatin to the emergency clinic, and it was pretty touch and go there. They didn’t know if she was going to make it," said Marilyn.

Ed Rentz said a few other baby goats on a nearby farm were killed the following night – likely by the same cougar.

Twinkie is now shaved on more than half of her body and is sporting stitches on both of her sides and throat, but is otherwise recovering well. The family said the stitches will be removed Friday.

Fox 12 reached out to wildlife officials, asking if the cougar has been found, but did not immediately hear back.

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