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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - It may be raining in Portland, but it’s all snow in the gorge where the flakes are really piling up.

In Hood River, the snow continued to fall on Monday, adding to the thick blanket of white already on the ground.

Schools were closed and travel was a hazard on some roadways.

A tanker truck flipped onto its side on I-84 west of Hood River and spilled 2,500 gallons of diesel onto the road. The crash forced the partial closure of the freeway and Oregon State Police reported the driver was going too fast for the wintry conditions.

Back in downtown Hood River, FOX 12 saw two other semis that slid out and blocked traffic including one that hit the side of a parked car.

Many businesses were closed, but a few business owners and employees ventured out despite the weather.

“We’re open! Not too much foot traffic today,” laughed Gorge Fly Shop owner Lyndsey Duddles. “I think some of my employees might leave early, but they’re being troopers.”

Duddles said a lot of their business comes from the website, so they still have work to do even if fewer customers are physically coming through the doors.

Across the street, the Whiskey Tango restaurant and bar was open as well.

“I have 3 people, well 4 people in here right now,” laughed employee Erika Winner.

Winner wouldn’t normally open on a Tuesday, but she was covering for a colleague who lives in Sandy.

“Early this morning it just started coming down like nobody’s business, and I said alright, don’t come out, it’s not safe,” she added.

“I’m using my ski poles to get to work and back home now. It’s quite a challenge to even find the sidewalks,” customer Holly Reed said, whose employer closed early for the weather.

When Reed spoke with FOX 12, she wasn’t sure whether she’d be going to work on Tuesday.

“They said to stay tuned for an email in the morning, so we’re just all on standby to see what they do, so we’ll see what happens,” she said.

Patty Younglove was also braving the weather in Hood River, where she was pushing her four bunnies through the snow in a stroller.

She made the trip from the Oregon City area, where she said the bunnies are therapy animals who do weekly rounds by the hospital.

“We came all the way out here to find snow because I wanted to get pictures of them in the snow,” Younglove said. “I take them everywhere with me!”

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