PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - In the midst of an addiction crisis, there are some virtual resources for people in recovery.

The SoberBuddy App is designed to help those in recovery build skills and stay motivated to make changes in their lives.

Portlander Sher Griffin says she had an alcohol addiction and hasn't had a drink in more than two years.

Griffin says she uses the SoberBuddy App.

SoberBuddy App aims to help those struggling with addiction

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"I have found it to be pretty helpful in some ways and then there's some ways that it wouldn't have been helpful for me like in early recovery," Griffin said.

Griffin says if she only had this app as a resource in early recovery, it wouldn't have been as effective as it is for her now.

"It's that love and connection and you just can't get that virtually, you cannot get that through an app," Griffin said. "But there are some things within the app that I have found very useful and that I use on probably a weekly basis. I kind of jump on the app and it send me notifications and things, which kind of remind me."

The SoberBuddy App costs $10 a month.

There's also an option to sign up for free emails through SoberBuddy for recovery challenges, motivation and other tips.

The app takes you through a series of questions asking things like:

1. What is your drug of choice?

2. Do you know if you want to stop using it?

3. How long have you been sober?

4. How is your recovery going?

5. And do you need help?

"Then what will happen is it will walk you through multiple challenges to help you figure out if you do have a problem and if you want to take the next steps," SoberBuddy App CEO and Co-Founder, Tara Schiller said. "And then it will help you know what to do in order to take those steps which is another big barrier."

Schiller says it's designed to help in certain ways, but she recognizes it won't meet every need.

"An app can only do so much you know and it hits a certain market. You can't replace in-person care especially if it's something where it's mandated or you know from like a drug court or something of that sort. But what there's a huge lack of resources for is after care," Schiller said. "We don't just want it to be that I'm sober. We want you to have a transformational life experience. We want you to change your life which is why we put a lot of life coaching in here."

Oregon Recovers Executive Director Mike Marshall spoke about the efficacy of this app in a time where he says more resources are needed for the addiction crisis.

"This does not connect other human beings and it also does not connect people with resources, it doesn't claim to do that," Marshall said. "But with your coming into your life is in crisis or you are challenged by your substance use you're looking for probably more robust solutions than this app provides."

But Marshall did note he supports any resource for those in recovery.

"Because there's so little public support for people in recovery whether long term recovery like me or people just three days sober anything that's developed that supports people in their recovery is a really positive thing," Marshall said. "And this app from what I can tell has some really positive messaging."

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