GRESHAM, OR (KPTV) – With public parks and other gathering places closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is one place you can go to enjoy some physical activity outdoor: the Gresham Golf Course, among others.

According to Gov. Kate Brown’s office, golf courses can stay open to the public right now, as long as they’re following the rules.

There are signs posted at the Gresham Golf Course's entrances reminding people to keep their six-feet distance from each other. Plus, head golf professional Jim Chianello said they’re encouraging people to bring their own equipment.

They’re asking people to walk the course, if they can, but limiting golf carts to one per person, if they’re needed. Staff members are also sanitizing equipment and doorknobs around the clock.

Chianello says he feels fortunate the business can stay open–though for him, it’s not just about the money.

“The number one reason is providing an outlet so people can go out and do something, because staying at home is endlessly boring and boy, some people just come out and do nine holes, some people just come out and hit a small bucket of balls, took them 15 minutes, but they got out of the house and they were able to do something,” Chianello said.

Golfers say they’re definitely appreciative. Chianello says on busy days, he’s got a marshal out on the course making sure people are keeping their space.

Not every course across the state is still open. Stone Creek Golf Course in Oregon City is closed, as they’re considered a county park, and Clackamas County shut all parks down for the time being. It’s always a good idea to call before leaving.

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(2) comments


I'm sure Kate and her merry band of knuckle heads are some of the first to tee off. Lots of wealthy folks here. Lots of power.


I think it's just fabulous these people get to play all day collecting government pay checks while people like myself and my co-workers have to continue to produce and ship the food you people are hoarding. We typically go without because the stores don't even open before we have to be to work.

By Government mandate and necessity to supply food we risk our lives and our families lives with possible infection and these people choose to possibly infect and spread it so this goes on and on. I work next to a golf course. They don't follow the rules. At least not in their group gatherings in the parking lot.

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