PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - During the COVID-19 pandemic, some families are deciding to take their kids out of public school distance learning and are looking at different options.

FOX 12 on Thursday spoke with a mom who recently pulled her 5th grade son out of Portland Public Schools and enrolled him at Oregon Charter Academy instead.

Gina Erdmann says she made the decision because it already an established online curriculum for years. She says she wanted to try and giver her son another option, as there was so much uncertainty with the structure of online learning and how school districts were planning the year.

According to Erdmann, the Oregon Charter Academy is tuition free, which was also a major factor in her reasoning to make the switch. She says there has been a materials delay, but they have finally received their Chromebook.

Erdmann says the school year was impacted by the wildfires and it's a bit too early to say whether this is the right fit.

"Because they've always been an online school I thought, let's give that a try, because they're not building the boat as they're in it," Erdmann said.

Erdmann says if PPS decides to reopen schools for in-person learning, she hopes to re-enroll her son.

The Oregon Charter Academy is listed on the Oregon Department of Education's website as one of its charter schools. ODE says credits from the Oregon Charter Academy should transfer to other public schools in Oregon.


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(3) comments

PDX is a warzone

Distance learning is hokum. Without a parent standing behind the kid, they won't learn anything. It is basically home schooling. Get the kids back into school where they belong!


It can't be any worse than public schools, who have proven they are incompetent at teaching, but get high marks in brainwashing. You can thank the bottom feeding teacher's unions for that.


If parent's pull their kids from public schools, can they get their property taxes back?

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