Bring on the heat, that’s what some businesses say, while others are closing up and waiting it out.

Flip flops line up on the hot sidewalk, as a big crowd waits for that cold tasty treat. Salt & Straw was packed on Wednesday night.

But it’s not the same story at Golden Valley Brewery.

“As you saw when you came in, there’s nobody sitting outside today,” said Alex Kircher, manager at Golden Valley Brewery in Beaverton.

All is quiet at Ex Novo, another brewery. But this location has closed its doors for a few days because they don’t have air conditioning.

But, there is one bright side to the heat.

“We’re selling a lot of beer that’s good,” said Kircher.

Kircher said beers to go, like 6-packs and growlers, are selling fast.

Food Front Cooperative Grocery manager Jeff Hough also said that the adult beverages are their biggest seller during the heat wave.

“I mean, ice cream is selling, but is selling really, really well,” said Hough.

Hough was using a temperature gun to make sure all the food in the store stays cold. He said the scorching heat throws their older building for a loop.

“The front door, the rubber expanded, so it’s not shutting. It got so hot the door won’t shut,” said Hough.

And recently, Hough said their coolers, shut down.

“Every summer we lose product. We have a problem every summer here,” said Hough.

Normally the temperature gun stays inside the grocery store but on Wednesday during the heat, employees got curious. They wanted to see how hot the pavement of their parking lot was.

FOX 12 checked the temperature gun, it read 133 degrees.

Hough said being a dog friendly grocery store, he wants to warn pet-owning customers to watch out for that hot pavement.

The fire department says if owners can’t hold down their hand on the pavement for 30 seconds it’s too hot for their dog to walk on.

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