PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Jollene Brown lived in a studio apartment in northeast Portland.

Her son, Shane, called to check up on her the night of June 27. The 67-year-old’s air conditioning unit was broken, and he was worried. They'd created a swamp cooler, like a do-it-yourself air conditioner, but she said her's wasn't working well. That was the last time he spoke to her.

The next morning, Shane called her repeatedly, but she didn't pick up. He rushed over to her house and he found her unresponsive in her recliner.

“She just kind of looked like she was sleeping,” Shane Brown said. “So, at first I stopped for a moment just to see if I could tell if she was breathing or not and I couldn't. I stepped in and actually touched her and that's when I noticed something was wrong."

Jollene had several medical issues and she relied on oxygen.

"I think that, combined with the heat, is kind of like put too much stress on her body and that's kind of what ended up happening," Shane Brown said.

Shane believes a working air conditioning unit could have saved her life.

"We came from Colorado, where central air was pretty much guaranteed no matter where you went,” he said. “Just because Colorado has such fluctuating temperatures so when we moved down here it was really strange to always have to be thinking, ‘Oh I need to bring an air conditioner. I need to buy an air conditioner.’ They're not cheap and they're not easy to transport, especially for someone like my mom who is pretty much disabled."

Now, he believes all new buildings, in our area, should come equipped with central air conditioning. While he hopes for change, he's remembering his mother for her generosity.

"Her generous spirit is pretty much what everyone will remember her for that knew her,” Shane Brown said. “Because she was very much, she kept to herself pretty much but whenever you needed her or called upon her, she was there for you. Even if she couldn't be there physically, she would try to be there emotionally. She gave more than even she could spare sometimes."

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(17) comments


Most people want things, but they do not try to get their neighbors to pay for it.


A totally avoidable situation which is now being blamed on others. Of course.

Just curious

[thumbup] Wants to accuse others for his non-actions.


This son should have been taking better care of his mom why pass the blame onto someone else ? If the air conditioning was broken then get her someplace else wasn’t that what the free cooling stations were for ? Way to many lazy people trying to lay the blame elsewhere !


You took the words out of my mouth!

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Well, and why was she on Oxygen? Heavy smoker? But you're right, this guy wants to put the blame on someone else. The moment the air conditioner was working, they try to jerry rig something else, and that's not working either? How 'bout getting her a working air conditioner or bringing her over to his place for a few days? It's unbelievable the stupidity that's in the new every day.


And incidentally I am a bleeding heart liberal progressive pro-choice lgbtq supporting full-blown hippie dude so Fox station that's how much of a joke you are


And you are proud to admit this why?


This is a Fox channel !!!?

But apparently the comment section is operated on snowflake radical leftist ideology whereas the painful truth is censored go coddle your feelings at a coffee shop with the rest of them and stop pretending you have any business operating a public discussion.


Comments are moderated. You aren't going to get a very good conservative take on any news site run by the left-leaning Northwest community.


Says the left-wing liberal...I agree, KPTV is censoring is ridiculous. Probably cohorts with FB.


I feel bad for him. I would not want to live with the knowledge that I let my mother go like that when I had both the means and the opportunity to insure that she would have been ok. At our house ww checked on neighbors we havs nevee talked to before and offered up our home. Since I was 18 and on my own I have always had at least one ac unit and 2 is better than one.


that's an easy law to pass, but the rent will go up to pay for it. and the more it needs to be serviced, the more the rent will go up from year to year.

I was watching a documentary on poor farms. Good way to get people motivated again.

:Now, he believes all new buildings, in our area, should come equipped with central air conditioning. While he hopes for change, he's remembering his mother for her generosity.


So it was not his ( the Sons) responsibility to make sure his mom had a working air conditioner. Or when they picked the apartment, they could have picked one with air.

Or the son could have taken her to a cooling station.

But he would like to blame others .


It sounds like they did pick an apartment with air. But it wasn't working. We don't know when it broke down and if she had told anyone. Most people don't bother to do anything about broken services until they need them.



The story does not state if it was her unit or the apartments air conditioner . I'm assuming sense he wants them to be mandatory, it was not the apartments unit.

It is the sons responsibility to take care of his mom, not government and more expensive mandates, that HVAC companies would love to install in Oregon, for 10's of millions of dollars!

Worst PDX Mayor Ever


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