Speed bump reinstallation kicks off in north Portland

KPTV photo.

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Some speed bumps along North Fessenden Street and North St. Louis Avenue were reinstalled Wednesday after a costly error and miscommunication between the Portland Bureau of Transportation and contract crews.

The reason for removal, PBOT says, all had to do with the design and requirements for emergency vehicles. The process to install and reinstall is costing taxpayers more than $73,000.

PBOT says the speed bumps were first installed in May. This was during a process when PBOT leaders and the Portland Fire Bureau were deciding on a new standard for speed bumps that accommodate emergency vehicles.

PBOT says the old standard was 12 inches wide for the wheel channels between the bumps. The new standard is 20 inches.

PBOT says there's a total of 18 speed bumps that are being installed along North Fessenden and St. Louis Avenue. Crews have removed 10 and a half of them that had the error.

Neighbors in the area like Nicole Chipman support the speed bumps, but she questions the miscommunication in the project.

"At night, even with the speed bumps you can hear people speeding over them, you can hear them bottoming out while they go over the bumps, so I mean, it's not that big of a deterrent but like, at least it's a bit of a deterrent," Chipman said. "Nobody likes to waste money, regardless of whose money it is, and so, I just kind of feel like people in charge should've been a little more cognizant about what was going on and maybe took a look at it a little more."

Crews on site said they were installing four speed bumps on Wednesday, so it could take several days before the project is complete in that neighborhood.

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(8) comments


Ah yes. The city that works.., except when it comes to actually working to look out for the best interests of the tax payors, etc. Because whenever city leaders and employees are entrusted to look out for the constituency they ALWAYS seem to fall quite short of what we should vonsider reasonable expectations.


Could the gap not have been widen without removing the complete bump ?? This sounds like job security at taxpayers expense !!

Just curious

So correct in your analogy, we need better judgement in road work.

Alexander Marinesko

We have the best government money can buy...............a few more dollars will make it better.....

Lee Smith

20" wide for the tires? That seams to wide to me. Over here near me they put in some so the fire trucks could drive down the middle of the street but the tire gaps don't seem to be 20". Oh and at $7,000 per speed bump that's cheap. He-double-toothpicks I want to say back in the late 70's or early 80's my neighbors asked the city to but in some to slow the cars down and they said that it would cost something like $5,000-$7,000 per house (4-homes per speed bump, two homes on both sides of the street and both sides of the bump) for the speed bump.


It’s okay, they’re only spending taxpayer money and there is plenty where that came from.


Somebody needs to be held accountable for this screwup! :(



the government working at it's best.

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