Taneesh Garg - 2021 Oregon Kid Governor

Taneesh Garg, 5th grader at Springville K-8 (Courtesy: Oregon Secretary of State)

WASHINGTON COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - Fifth grader Taneesh Garg was announced as the 2021 Oregon Kid Governor on Wednesday morning.

This is the fourth year of the Kid Governor Program in Oregon.

Each elementary school in the state can nominate a classmate for the program. That student then creates a campaign video outlining why they want to be Oregon's Kid Governor, their leadership qualities, and name a community issue they want to address with a three-point plan on how fifth-graders can make a difference.

Garg is a student at Springville K-8 and submitted a video about racism as part of his campaign.

In total, 15 videos were submitted this year. A panel of independent judges then watched and voted on the videos, narrowing them down to seven.

Once the seven candidates were finalized, fifth graders from schools across the state, voted and selected Garg as Oregon’s next Kid Governor.

“Over 1,800 students from 46 schools across Oregon, registered to nominate a candidate and or vote in this year’s election,” stated Secretary of State Bev Clarno. “This is a great way to not only teach our students about how their government works, but to actively engage our young leaders in their community.”

Garg's one-year term will begin in Jan. 2021. 

The other final candidates this year included:

  • Ruthie - Helping Kids Dream Big about their Future
  • Phia - Littering: Helping to Keep Oregon Green and Clean
  • Lohith - Global Warming and Climate Change
  • Evie - Shelter Animals
  • Brennah - Air Pollution
  • Abhi - Saving the Environment

To learn more about the Kid Governor Program and to view all of the candidate videos go to: or.kidgovernor.org/2020-statewide-election.

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(5) comments


'Springville K-8 student selected as the new 'Oregon Kid Governor' And I bet he would do / could do a 1000% better job than Kate the tyrant.



Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Did Bev Clarno also teach the young ones how to change the voting rules, how to ballot harvest, and how to block monitors from viewing the vote counts?

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

You know the truly sad fact is, "Garg" would make a better governor than the one we currently are stuck with.



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