Stabbing suspect restrained during Clark County court appearance

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CLARK COUNTY, WA (KPTV) – Clark County deputies forced a stabbing suspect to appear in court Tuesday, after the sheriff’s office said the inmate refused to voluntarily appear before a judge. 

FOX 12 captured the outbursts on camera during 56-year-old David W. Carpenter’s first appearance following assault charges. 

Carpenter is accused of stabbing a stranger near a Hazel Dell Applebee’s on Saturday. Deputies said Carpenter also tried to stab a second person in a car, but that individual was able to get away with getting hurt. The driver’s car was damaged in the process. 

Some may find the court video disturbing, as it shows deputies restraining Carpenter as he yells and screams. 

Two deputies bring Carpenter into a video arraignment room and several other deputies follow. The deputies then force Carpenter into a chair. At one point, one deputy is stepping on his foot and another is restraining Carpenter’s head. 

Carpenter doesn’t answer questions from attorneys about his name or date of birth. 

One deputy puts a cover over Carpenter’s head and shortly after, Carpenter starts screaming.

“You’re killing me,” Carpenter is heard yelling several times during the public court appearance.

Deputies tell him to relax, but the struggle continues as the judge, prosecutors and defense attorney discuss Carpenter’s charges, criminal history, bail and competency.

The total court appearance is just over four minutes. It ends after the judge called Carpenter an “extreme danger to society” in his current state.

Carpenter’s bail was set at $750,000.

After request for comment on the use of force, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office sent FOX 12 this statement:

“David Carpenter, an inmate in the Clark County Jail who is charged with assault in first degree, was required to appear today for first appearance in front of Superior Court Judge John Fairgreive.  Carpenter refused to voluntarily appear.  The court agreed to have Carpenter appear via video arraignment. Carpenter resisted his movement to the video arraignment and force was subsequently used so first appearance could take place.”

The sheriff’s office said the deputies involved will have to complete use-of-force reports, which are standard procedure. Through chain of command, the use of force will either be approved or determined to be out of compliance with policy.

The person who was stabbed is expected to survive.

Carpenter will be in court again Wednesday.

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