Gov Kate Brown

Gov. Kate Brown touring a Portland school (KPTV)

(KPTV) - Governor Kate Brown announced Thursday that she is once again extending the state of emergency declaration in Oregon.

The state of emergency regarding the COVID-19 pandemic was set to expire this Sunday, May 2. The new extension is for an additional 60 days, until June 28.

The extension of the executive order comes almost a week after Brown said Oregon was experiencing a “fourth surge” of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations were nearing 300 patients statewide.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 888 new cases on Wednesday. OHA also reported that 326 people were hospitalized with COVID-19. Sixty-four of those patients were in intensive care unit (ICU) beds.

On Tuesday, Brown announced 15 counties would move back to extreme risk due to the surge. Nine counties will be in high risk, four in moderate risk, and eight in lower risk. Those risk levels become effective on Friday.

Brown issued the following statement after extending the state of emergency:

“We are in the middle of the fourth surge of COVID-19 in Oregon, driven by more contagious variants of the disease. We must stop hospitalizations from spiking, so we can save lives, help our nurses and doctors weather this surge, and ensure no Oregonian is denied vital health care. Tomorrow, 15 counties are moving to the Extreme Risk Level, with nine more in High Risk. Hospitalizations nearly doubled in the last two weeks, to well over 300.

“At this time last year, there was so much we did not know about how to stop the spread of this deadly disease. Now, more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Oregonians know the best ways to avoid spreading infection: limiting gatherings when cases are high, wearing face coverings, maintaining physical distance, staying home when sick, and––most importantly––getting vaccinated as soon as possible. We just have to hold on for a few weeks longer.

“I intend to fully reopen our economy by the end of June, and the day is approaching when my emergency orders can eventually be lifted. How quickly we get there is up to each and every one of us doing our part. Over 1.7 million Oregonians have received at least one dose of vaccine, and over 1.2 million are fully vaccinated against this deadly disease.

"But the overwhelming majority of our new COVID-19 cases are from people who have not yet been vaccinated. Younger, unvaccinated Oregonians are now showing up in our hospitals with severe cases of COVID-19. Right now, more than ever, as we see the path over the peak of the spring surge and down the other side, we need Oregonians to step up and take on the personal responsibility to get vaccinated. Vaccinations are the best way to protect yourself, your friends, and your loved ones. They are also the quickest path toward lifting restrictions."

Brown also announced Thursday that she is lifting the executive order for price gouging related to the pandemic.

"In the weeks to come, as the number of fully vaccinated Oregonians continues to grow, we will be able to lift the emergency orders and state regulations that have kept us safe for the past year," Brown said.

There have been 2,490 deaths and 182,916 cases linked to the coronavirus in Oregon since the start of the pandemic. There have been more than 4.3 million negative tests statewide.

Oregon has now administered a total of 1,543,640 first and second doses of Pfizer, 1,257,015 first and second doses of Moderna and 93,001 single doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.

MORE: FOX 12's continuing local coronavirus coverage

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(18) comments

Kat Foster

[sneaky] Too bad our pseudo Governor can't count. If the last expiration date of the State of Emergency was May 2, then a 60 day extension would end on July 1. Not July 28!

(even if she only counted weekdays, it would expire on July 23)

She is SUCH an embarrassment to the state of Oregon!


At the end of February the idiot Walensky, who heads the CDC, wanted everyone to hold on just 30 - 45 more days. It's now been over 60 days and still no end in site tot he plandemic. These dictators will never be satisfied until they control everything. Time to rise up and just say NO!!!


Again, the tyrant queen is using politics, and not science, to push her agenda. 'Covid-19' is not surging and hospitals are not being overwhelmed. The next thing she will be telling people is that OHA is burning bodies in the streets like they are doing in India because there is no more room in the morgues.


Why has the restaurant association not sponsored a recall campaign? Now seems like the perfect time.


Because the tyrant queen's had picked supreme court will throw up all kinds of roadblocks like they did last time. They will protect their jobs and pensions at costs.


I know that the Oregon supreme court is partisan and in Kates hip pocket. Equal justice does not exist in Oregon. Look at the horrible AG. That being said, look at the pressure that has been put on Newsom from the recall


Kate the tyrant is guilty of fear mongering and can't see the forest for the trees. As long as she can keep people afraid she can maintain her illegal and unconstitutional power.


The I-5 corridor, and Bend, voted for this clown and now the whole state is paying for her incompetence and ineptitude.


States whose governors have ended the lockdowns, mask mandates and have reopened 100% have seen their 'covid-19' rates decrease. States whose governors refuse to end the lockdowns, mask mandates, and continuously declare a state of emergency every 4 months have seen their 'covid-19' rates stay flat or even increase. Why do you think this is?


This was not unexpected. The only way tyrants give up their illegal power is when the people stand up and overthrow them. There is no surge in hospitalizations, there is no 4th wave. Kate the tyrant queen is fear mongering at her finest.


Worthless Kate will never give up the "State of Emergency" order. She is having way too much fun being the Queen.

Maddog 10

She feels her power slipping away so she will do anything to keep us locked down e ven Biden isn't that stupit.


I think brownshirt wants to kill off all the small businesses in Oregon and put even more people on her dysfunctional unemployment system. Then on welfare so we are wards of the state and beholding to our dear leaders for our very existence.

Grand puba

All in for the money kate... It's the democrat way

Eliza Cassan

this will never end, other states are done with this and are doing fine, the vaccines are out as well, she is going to do this until her term runs out

Cat of the Canals

Excellent troll comment! No data, no sources, all fear mongering and criticism. Bravo! Well done!

Eliza Cassan

No data, no sources? The state of emergency being extended again and again and again is a fact, and other states have opened, that's fact too. Winter is not coming, it's here, in Oregon

davcon 5

Keep jabbering, KittyCat - someday you might say something intelligent.

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