PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - State officials announced Friday night that someone living in Oregon has the state’s first presumptive case of the coronavirus. 

A press conference took place at 6 p.m. Friday in Portland. Gov. Kate Brown spoke, along with the director of the Oregon Health Authority.

OHA reports the person is from Washington County and has been isolated while receiving care at Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center in Hillsboro.

The person did not recently travel to a country where the virus is circulating and the person is also not believed to have had close contact with another confirmed case, the two most common sources of exposure. 

This is considered a “community-transmitted” case and investigators are working to determine the origin. The symptoms began Feb. 19 for this person. 


The case is considered presumptive until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms a positive test result.

Dr. Jennifer Vines, the lead health officer for Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties, said this person has spent time at Forest Hills Elementary School in Lake Oswego. The Lake Oswego School District confirmed the person is an employee at that school. 

The OHA said this person may have exposed students and staff.

The Lake Oswego School District is planning to close the school through Wednesday to allow for deep cleaning. Public health officials will complete their investigation, including contacting employees at the school and family of children to inform them of their possible exposure and let them know next steps.

The Lake Oswego School District announced Friday night that all activities at all district schools would be canceled for the weekend, "in an abundance of caution."

"We anticipate all schools to be open on Monday, March 1, except Forest Hills. Forest Hills will remain closed through Wednesday, March 3," according to a district statement. 

FOX 12 spoke with Sam Sewright on Friday night, used to attend Forest Hills Elementary School.

"I was honestly both alarmed and surprised. I mean, you hear things like that on the news, but you don’t expect it to just plop right down essentially on your doorstep. I live like five blocks away on 8th street," Sewright said.

Sewright says he still walks by the school on a regular basis.

"I take my dog up here," Sewright said. "A lot of kids running around, just vulnerable immune systems and stuff like that."

State agencies, hospitals and school district have spent the week discussing preparations for possible cases of coronavirus in Oregon.

The OHA has been getting daily updates from the Centers for Disease Control about Oregon residents returning from China. Local agencies have then been contacting those travelers within 72 hours, and they are interviewed and monitored for symptoms.

Patrick Allen, director of the OHA, reminded people that while coronavirus is getting a lot of attention right now, most people who get it only have minor symptoms and recover without serious issues.


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown earlier Friday announced the formation of a Coronavirus Response Team.

The Coronavirus Response Team includes agency directors or their representatives from:

  • Department of Administrative Services
  • Oregon Health Authority
  • Department of Human Services
  • Oregon State Police
  • Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Oregon Military Department
  • Oregon Department of Education
  • Department of Corrections
  • Oregon Youth Authority
  • Secretary of State
  • Oregon State Treasurer

For more information, go to http://healthoregon.org/coronavirus

Copyright 2020 KPTV-KPDX Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.

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(28) comments

Just curious

Isn't it past time to remove the word presumptive. It s now known the person has the coronavirus.

Diana Branch-Hansen

BTW- Monday is March 2nd and Wednesday is March 4th.

I honestly think the media has blown this way out of proportion. More people die from the flu every year! [ohmy]


Yikes look at who you voted for. Looks like a Svengoolie rerun .


he next Hoax? "The Plague"

lue c4

just a dem conspiracy to hurt trump. just ignor all the fake new about this. Pence already fixed it all so quit wasting our time on reporting these fake scare reports. we neeed to build a wall to keep the real diseases out.


From other international news - The individual is from Washington County and is employed at Forest Hills Elementary School in Lake Oswego, where it is feared that the individual may have exposed students and staff to the virus. Hmm doesn't seem like a kid??

Just curious

They did announce that there is a second case, Did you watch the video? Did you read the report? The news does not state what gender, what age , but did state the person was employed at Forest Hills school in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

The second person is no gender, no age given.

Just curious

No but who is the second person presumptive with "corona virus"?


Perhaps quarantine L.O... but that won't happen. This is going to be far worse than anyone can imagine.

The story about the kid coming from italy? Stop trying to scare people by making stuff up. Grow up. This is serious.

Just curious

I read this, and now. I have been searching for the article,. I did not make this up.

Thank you for the slam.Boo to you too.

Just curious

I guess it was fake news that I read. I will know better that the article I read did state it was a child , not an adult,n now they say it is an employee that works at some elementary school. Live and learn.

Just curious

[crying] I wasn't trying to scare anyone, The News is doing that.


they say the infected is at Kaiser Westside. we were just there. no warning signs at all. My wife who has autoimmune disorder was having a blood draw. we would have never gone in if we knew. thanks Kaiser.


fake news

Just curious

[crying]All the fault of the Demons.


"The Plague" The next Hoax


Lol i heard about this 2 days ago from an obviously reliable source. Funny that the news didn't break until now.

Just curious

Where did my comment go?


Just curious:

When you first post you can "see" your comment. It takes time for the comment to be reviewed. If you leave the page and come back too soon your comment will be invisible. I posted one after midnight and it didn't show up until Good Day Oregon had been on the air for ~1/2 an hour. It's just the way this system works.

Native Born

Thanks for sharing that. Always wondered about commenting protocol.

Just curious

Thank you. I should have realized that.



Mr pickles

I'll be pulling my kid out of school on Monday if verified.

Just curious

The person that I read about is a child that recently returned from Italy. Lives in Hillsboro and was taken to a Kaiser Emergency room., and from their transferred to another hospital.


Would be nice to know where now instead of next week.


Hearing it’s Washington County......


Presumptive case of the corona-virus ?? Why say this until the tests verify it ?? More Democrat scare tactics to try and make people panic.

Just curious

[scared]That's a great idea. [ohmy] There is a known case by a small child recently returned from Italy with parents and they took her to Kaiser emergency room and verified she has the corona virus. She was transferred to a hospital.[scared][scared]

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