State workers, police reviewing toppling of 'duckbill' at Cape Kiwanda

Sandstone pedestal being toppled at Cape Kiwanda. Image courtesy: David Kalas

The outrage continues to grow over video posted online showing several people pushing over a popular sandstone pedestal known as the “duckbill” at Cape Kiwanda.

Originally, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department workers said the natural feature collapsed on its own.

However, over the weekend, video shot by David Kalas surfaced showing three people toppling the rock.

Kalas said he heard screaming coming from the area of the rock formation and saw eight people trying to push it over. The pedestal then started to rock back and forth.

That’s when Kalas said three of the people began pushing on it and it collapsed.

He caught the incident on his cell phone camera. Kalas said he asked the group why they did it.

“The first thing that came out of his mouth was that, oh his buddy broke his leg on it and it was a safety hazard and they were doing everybody a favor by knocking it down, you know which frustrated me because nobody forced them to climb on top of the rock,” Kalas said.

He says what’s disappointing is how significant that one rock is to so many people. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have taken their picture on it over the years.

“People got married on top of the rock, got their engagement photos on top of the rock,” Kalas said.

"They can’t share that moment any more with their future children or their grandchildren or anyone like that, it will always just now be a memory," he added.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department issued a statement about the situation Monday.

"The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, in cooperation with the Oregon State Police, will review the incident immediately and decide how best to respond. The department takes vandalism of a state park's natural features seriously," according to the department.

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