SALEM, OR (KPTV) - The November election and vote by mail took center stage Friday across the country as both President Donald Trump and Oregon's governor offered differing viewpoints on the idea.

“They think they are going to send hundreds of millions of ballots all over the United States and it is going to come out, you won’t know the election results for weeks, months, years after, maybe you will never know the election results, and that is what I am concerned with, it will be fixed, it will be rigged,” Trump said.

“There is a paper trail, so the outcome can’t be hacked," Brown said. "So, in a day in age when we all question the integrity of our election, you can replicate the results of a paper ballot."

For years, both Oregon and Washington state have been vote by mail. State Republicans and Democrats have touted the idea, saying it works and it is secure.

Elections officials in Oregon say the claim that fraud is rampant in vote by mail isn’t true. Tim Scott, who overseas elections in Multnomah County, says there are many steps in place to make sure every vote is counted and every vote is secure.

He says systems are in place to prevent fraud. Everything from signature verification to unique barcodes on every ballot to track where they are. The state also uses a ballot tracking tool so voters can get alerts to when their ballot is received and counted.

“The voters that use it, absolutely love it, we get so much positive feedback when they get that text message or email, we counted your ballot, people love that as a transparency measure and a security feature,” Scott said.

He adds the notion of fraud being rampant among vote by mail is simply not true.

“The rate of fraud in vote-by-mail is next to zero," Scott said. "You know, in my 12 years here with the county I have probably encountered two or three true cases of fraud.”

A sentiment Paul Gronke with the Reed College’s Early Voting Information Center agrees with.

“There really is no evidence fraud in Oregon, Washington and any of the vote by mail states,” Gronke said.

The center studies and analyzes vote by mail, and Gronke says although Oregon’s system could use some updating, when it comes to technology, it is secure. He says in surveys they have done, Oregonians overwhelmingly support Oregon’s vote by mail system.

“You want all of these security protocols in place," Gronke said. "You want a post-election system, which we have so if there are any questions about the results we have an audit afterwards so we have confidence in those results."

Gronke adds as states adopt vote by mail systems this fall, he says expect there to be some delays in results. Gronke says states are learning and building systems that took others states years to build.

Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno says she stands by Oregon’s vote by mail state. The Republican from Central Oregon sent the following statement Friday:

My office has received many questions about the efficacy of voting by mail. As Oregon has successfully operated our elections entirely by mail for more than 20 years, I continue to believe fully in the safety, security, and integrity of our election system. In fact, our May primary broke voter participation records even though it took place in the midst of a global pandemic. Voter fraud remains exceedingly rare and is prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Oregonians can have faith that our elections will continue with the same level of efficiency and integrity as they have for decades.

Also part of this is the United States Postal Service. In a statement to FOX 12, USPS officials say they are ready to handle expanded vote by mail:

The Postal Service is committed to delivering Election Mail in a timely manner. We employ a robust and proven process to ensure proper handling of all Election Mail, including ballots. This includes close coordination and partnerships with election officials at the local and state levels. As we anticipate that many voters may choose to use the mail to participate in the upcoming elections due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are conducting and will continue to proactively conduct outreach with state and local election officials and Secretaries of State so that they can make informed decisions and educate the public about what they can expect when using the mail to vote.

Election officials in Oregon are asking voters to double check their status and make sure all of their voter information is correct. They say that can be done on their website.

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(16) comments


Secure? In Washington State, before the inception of mail-in voting, of the previous ten Governors, six were Republicans. Since then, all five have been Democrats. Strange how just mailing a letter changes how people think about government. (??). Then, in the late 2004 election the non-Dems got together and gave the election to Dino Rossi, a centrist Republican, in vote and in a re-count. Then the left went to the courts and, whoa! whaddayknow? they found more left wing votes. Perhaps even every one of which was for Christine Gregoire, a Democrat. Wow, what a coincidence, that a slightly right of center state suddenly became hard left! The point: the "deep state" got a new colony. That is the "data". Try to deny that.

Mr Q

From a 2012 New York Times article ...

In the last presidential election, 35.5 million voters requested absentee ballots, but only 27.9 million absentee votes were counted, according to a study by Charles Stewart III, a political scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He calculated that 3.9 million ballots requested by voters never reached them; that another 2.9 million ballots received by voters did not make it back to election officials; and that election officials rejected 800,000 ballots. That suggests an overall failure rate of as much as 21 percent.


I’ve been in Oregon my whole life - our mail-in voting is a complete fraud. There has never been a bill or a bond turned down. Oregon has 16 Republican governors and 1 independent with only 9 Democrat- UNTIL Mail-fraud-and box drop off voting came to be. Since then NINE out of NINE Democrats won the Governorship

Nobody trusts Oregon mail-in BS


Why did KPTV delete the other 100 comments to this post? Is they didn't want it to be apparent that most people do not trust mail in ballots?

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Election fraud is more than switching a vote to an opposing candidate or ballot stuffing where Democrat votes "suddenly" appear.

Another portion of it is switching the voter's party affiliation w/o their request, knowledge, or consent, most from Republican to Non Affiliated.

This effectively denies them the right to vote in their party’s primary and disqualifying them from being Precinct Committee Persons.

And unlawful party switching was discovered in Oregon's VBM.

Despite hundreds of people coming forward with similar stories about how they received a non affiliated ballot, and despite MANY screenshots from the Facebook group My Party Was Changed Oregon, Facebook’s infamous far left “fact checkers” later deemed the story as “misinformation” at the REQUEST of the Oregon state government.

Yes, historically VBM "worked"... to advance election fraud quite well in the states that use it and it's kept "progressives" in every strategic executive office in Oregon since 1998.

But Democrat's lawless means are justified by their "it's all for the common good" talking point b/c they "know what's best" for all of us.

How else are the "progressives" going to impose their will against the ones they allegedly "represent"?

This is known as soft tyranny.

Inside of every "progressive" is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

Kate Brown and rest of the "progressives" are the classic example with "emergency clauses" that have kept pending bills OUT of the referendum process where voters would have a voice.

Brown's cap & trade is the most well known in that it led the Republican Senators with integrity to walk out to deny a quorum that would rubber stamp it over the objections of the voters.

Over 11,000 people and over 1000 trucks OUTSIDE the Capitol and yet Brown and her "progressives" IGNORED the will of the people.

And nothing says that louder than weaponizing the "emergency clause" to block the vote of the people. Those outside the Capitol weren't the only ones who opposed it.

The rest of them have jobs they needed to be at.


Now more than ever, I want a way to see/ know that my vote was received and counted. I don't trust either major party to count 100% of the votes, most notably liberals now that new cases of fraud and more importantly convictions are being exposed every week.


Once too many times, ballots seem to come outta nowhere. Once the polls close, that's it, closed. No 'found' ballots, How many times have these 'found' ballots changed an outcome? Yeah, not buying the fraud proof line. If many people can gather for 'peaceful' protests or show up for a Congress persons funeral, well by golly, we can show up to vote... with 6' of distance of course.


Can’t possibly be secure. Too many opportunities to alter, forge or “misplace” ballots.


You don't think a voting machine can be hacked?


Hey, whiny Trump suckers, answer me this: why is Trump complaining about voting by mail when he himself has done it?


Are you that dumb !!! No one has a problem with abstinent voting because there you have to ask for a ballot so you are going to look for it and take care of it. But sending out ballots that may not be looked after by the voter can bring lots of possibilities for fraud !!


secure.. yeah right i still get my moms ballot every election and shes been gone for a decade


The headline was a joke right? Safe and secure if you are a Democrat... 30 plus years of being scammed !


You would rather trust your vote to a computer program? Talk about a risk for fraud!


Did we say we wanted voting by computer ?? No I want voting in person with marked ballots and each voter checked off when they vote so that if there is a hint of fraud things can be checked and verified later !! If a precinct has 100 voters checked off then there had better be only 100 marked ballots and you can go back and actually ask the 100 voters if they actually voted or did someone put a ballot in for them. All precincts need equal party representation so that no fraud occurs there. When ballot goes out by mail there is no way that it can be verified that it does not become involved in fraud. Come on people can you not see the problem with mail in voting and trying to keep it fraud free !! Republicans can see the problem but Democrats cann't. Why do you think that is?? It is because Democrats have no problem cheating and using fraud to get what they want where as most Republicans would not think about doing that !!!


Agreed !!

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