PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A woman was caught on camera vandalizing a statue at a southeast Portland park. It shows a woman spray-painting graffiti over the bust of the explorer, York, at Mount Tabor Park.

Statue vandalized in southeast Portland park

Image: KPTV

York was the only black member of the Lewis and Clark expedition group and was William Clark’s slave.

The statue was put in the park in February and replaced the one for Harvey Scott that was toppled over in 2020. Police say this incident happened Tuesday morning. The woman can be heard in the video claiming she’s upset the original statue was replaced.

Portland Parks and Recreation says crews have been working to remove the paint and figure out how much the damage will be.

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(3) comments


I think that if we do not follow through AND prosecute the BLM vandals who spent ALL LAST SUMMER defacing and atempting to illegally remove statues of famous Americans....NONE of those people were even CHASED by police.... they were told to stand down... well, then the police should STAND DOWN, and refuse to even investigate this here statue defacement .... ever hear the phrase "Turnabout is fair play"?? Eye for and ey anyone?


No one should be allowed to tear down a statue and replace it,

without going through the proper channels.

Should be arrested, but are they also looking for the people who tore down the original statue? No

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