Sticky the kitten

Sticky the kitten was rescued after being found glued to a road near Salem. (KPTV)

SILVERTON, OR (KPTV) - On Friday, we told you about a little kitten that was rescued after she was found apparently glued to the road near Salem.

‘Sticky,’ as she’s now called, just spent her first weekend at home with her new adopted family.

Chuck Hawley found Sticky stuck to the road Friday morning, slathered in something that looked like rubber cement. He said he had to peel her paws off the pavement to free her. He took her to a vet, where they had to wash out the glue and found puncture marks on her neck.

Amazingly, she should be just fine.

Hawley and his wife adopted the kitten, and say she’s doing very well adjusting to her new home.

Over the weekend, his wife created a Facebook page called “Sticky The Kitty” where they are sharing photos and videos of their newly-rescued 5-week-old kitten playing with their two dogs.

As of Monday evening, it had already been liked by more than 10,000 people.

Hawley told FOX 12 he can’t believe the attention they’ve gotten in the last couple of days, as they’ve been flooded with messages of thanks for his kind actions.

“We’ve gotten messages from everywhere – Portugal, Australia, Sweden,” he said. “It’s not just us that needs good news, the whole word is just dying for something good right now.”

He said deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office came to their house Monday to take pictures of Sticky’s neck injuries as they start to investigate how she ended up glued to the road.

While the investigation is just getting started, Hawley said it would be wonderful news to find out this was somehow just an accident, but he doesn’t think that’s possible.

Based on what he saw that morning, he believes someone intentionally covered her in glue and placed her in the middle of the roadway.

Whatever the circumstances, Sticky is now safe with her new family and she’s bringing people all over the globe together to marvel at her cuteness.

“I’m just super glad this cat could bring hope back to people,” Hawley said. “I’m stoked to be part of it.”

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